God as Mother

Mai-ism is Hinduism or Christianity or say any religion. BUT NOT THAT ALONE. A mother is the mother of each one of her children but yet not of any child alone. Mai-ism is a larger circle which include all smaller circles without tackling or touching or disturbing the integrity of any smaller circles. it is a parental religion of the most merciful parent. THE MOTHER which keeps reconciliation of all individual religions.

Mother is the same Almighty whom some call Father, some the Supreme Self,some the Nature, some the Divine Law, some the Absolute,some the Truth and so on. She is God, but conceived as Mother.

Mother is that infinite which remains after all negations. Mai is Brahma-Svarupini.

God as Father is JUSTICE and God as Mother is LOVE & MERCY.God as Father or God as Mother means, God that deals with us in fatherly manner or motherly manner.Mother ignores,forgives and forgets which the Father does not, so very easily and not that extent of pity and mercifulness compassion and condescension. None knows the ailment of a child as Mother, without even a communicating syllable. Mother’s compassion alone can save us.


Mai Mandir : Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz west, Mumbai 400054 India.




MAIJI SAID : Mai-ism scripture is simple.It consists of Six words only; Mother,Love to Mother and Her Children, Universality, Service, Devotion and Self Surrender. The first word “Mother” indirectly and implicitly includes the principle or the word of spiritual co-equal status of man and woman. Of course practice will take time but at least the scripture is over

MAI-ISM can depend only on actual solid results of Mai’s miraculous grace of helping out Mai devotees from their personal miseries.

In a religious act, god’s grace propitiation and return are guaranteed.

The higher the spiritual and religious and moral stage and living of a man, the greater is the peace of mind, happiness and cessation of misery.

Religion is to be seen in the life you live, and not in words you speak or write or in some particular external ritualistic actions or observances, that people call as religion.

It is only the highest blessing of god that would enable man to see things in the right perspective, it is extremely rare gift and grace of god.


Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai 400054 India.

Message dictated by Mai to Her devotee in 1949

There are experiences of ” messages ” as well. Thus, Mother helps Her devotees in so many ways, dreams, visions, suggestions and messages, which one would very clearly hear to the preciseness of being able to jot down and by way of a regular dictation, as it were.


We are referring here to the instances of ” Direct Personal Contacts ” and not to so many altogether-unknown arrangements and disposal of matters, that Mai is managing, behind the back of Her devotees, for their protection and smooth-running, for their Yoga and Kshema-attainment and retention.

As a matter of fact, devotees gradually get trained to believe they are under the constant care and supervision of their MAI and get more and more, at all hours grateful, for all the good that is conferred on them. The devotee who attributes the miseries that he has to pass through in life to Mother, without the gratefulness, is no devotee at all. He is a bargainer and a business-trader and an exploiter of Mother’s Grace. He is a sucker, a leech.

68. There is an instance of a long message, stated to have been actually dictated by Mai, which is most encouraging and illuminating for devotees trying hard to struggle with their unfavorable circumstances and repeated discomforts and inconveniences. The substance may be gathered from the following brief extract:

29th December 1949.
“Beloved and Revered Mai-Swarup Mai-Markand,
” I beg to record the following. In fact, it is a copy of what I had, on the spot, recorded on Friday the 23rd instant, at midnight hour. It is not mere “wishful thinking”, not ” imagination “, not a hallucination, not a phantom. I was seeing with my own eyes, open and alert eyes, Mother-Mai, seated on a chair, next to my table, calmly convincing me of the Reality, and cool-mindedly and quietly giving me a resume of what She wanted to convey………”

This night and this hour was one of the most important times of the Founder’s life. It was his first birth-date night (23-12-1949) after he had entered ” Mai Niwas “. The Founder had most intense heart-rending and yet most blissful communion with Mother in ” Mai Niwas ” at Santa Cruz, while a similar miraculous thing was happening in Madras, at the same hour, with a devotee at Madras. There was absolutely nothing like a postal communion before this synchronization, that can lead to the happenings.

Although, the devotee means and rightly means, it was a Mother’s message to him personally, the Founder sees a good deal of most valuable teaching which is universally applicable and useful to so many of a certain cast and group of mentalities and circumstances, and the Founder interprets ” you ” in the message to mean “all like you, including you,” and not ” you ” alone. There is a reference to this birth-day night hour, further on, in this compilation.

The letter continues :
“……What Mother said was this :
” You are given all obstacles in smooth life, with a purpose. I have tried to bring you round, to suit my ways. You are often caught up in life’s tangles and hence the progress I mean for you, becomes slow. But still, in spite of you, there has been and is, a gradual progress. Don’t think I can’t give you, wealth, power and a brilliant career. I can do that very easily, but if you become any such one, entangled in those things, I cannot have you for my work. I want you for something, which is many times much more important.

“Do realise this from now onwards, atleast. Don’t worry about how life passes, and will pass for you. It is not without purpose, I bring you in contact with ” Sat Purusha ” (Saintly persons), all with deep purposes, and to train you. Worldly life (Samsara, income, expenses, joys and sorrows, pleasures and pains, etc.) will always be one of endless problems, and there is and will be no end to your prayers. Surely, I wish you are not going to use me only for these useless problems-solving, and surely I am not going to rest with just helping you only over your ever-repeating worries and problems.

“What is the end of it all?? What is the purpose of life?? Just think deeply, most deeply, meditatively. Mai-Swarup was specially brought by me, to this house, not without deep object. His repeated enlightenment about Mai-ism and Mai for one and all, the whole humanity, is so crystal-clear, you have read and understood, and should be convincing. His present letter and elucidation of Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa is still more vivid. What more can I do for you?? It is so simple and yet you people wander here and there and ask for this and that, and such petty and unreal and ephemeral things, and waste time and valuable opportunities lying before, and even sometimes forced by me on you, as though, fulfilment of material wants has got any end, and will permanently solve all problems for all persons!!! Take things as they come, and do what you can. You should, as normal beings, be ever-remembering that your best and worst efforts, are controlled and guided by Me, unseen by you, and unknown to you.

“I have been training you, all along, against all odds, though the progress is slow, slow, but never-the-less steady and permanent. There is a definite gradual improvement. You are meant for my purpose and to fulfil My Will. Have some sense of proportion, as to what is important and on what you should spend more thought and time, i.e., (a) looking after your material problems and getting yourself more and more entangled and (b) spiritual virtues of life and spreading to others all about ME.

“You should not miss, atleast hereafter, and you should not lose the valuable times ahead, and the rare opportunity of fully utilising Mai-Swarup Mai-Markand and of serving him and ME. Everyday and every opportunity lost and missed, can never be had. It is loss to you and others and to ME. Don’t worry about the rest. Leave things to ME, and leave them to ME absolutely.

*                                             *                                              *                                        *

“Such was the clear and correct enlightenment, such as I never had in such calm and endearing manner, all my life, from any one and not even from Mother (here the writer means, either Mai-Image he worships or more likely, the Founder). My mind and brain was never so clear and calm, and was never convinced so fully, as I became and as I was, on 23rd night. From that time, my outlook on life and on my problems has changed so vitally, that I am now carefree and take things lightly, and know that my chief aim and purpose is to serve Mother, and that on the lines indicated by Mai-Swarup Mai-Markand and to be of service to him (Her through him), and to utilise him fully and not miss any opportunity for such service.

“This is to be so, in daily life, thought, word and deed. All good that Mother confers on me, is with a purpose, not for me to be foolishly enamoured with and be lost in material glories but to be all the more realising Mother’s Great Glory. All for Her work and as per Her Will.

” In fact, I had drafted a telegram: but I hesitated and I wanted to make sure that that was really Mother. Of course I carry on; but the chief and most important work is, service to Mother and Mai-Swarup (both the same, as Mother Herself said). Mother will take my burdens on Herself, in some way or the other. I need not bother, any longer. The text of the telegram, I drafted, is as under :-

” Mai-Swarup Mai-Markand,
Saraswathi Road,
” Mother tonight grants me calm and correct enlightenment. re: Mai, Mai-ism, Mother purpose of life, training me against odds with slow and delayed progress for the purpose, as per Her Will. Mother says I should not lose valuable time and miss rare life opportunity of utilising Mai-Swarup and of serving him and Her. Assures that rest be left to Her- (Friday, 23-12-1949, midnight hour).”

“I close. I pray I may be made a worthy servant and instrument of Mai and Mai-Swarup. I pray my ” Moha ” ” attachments for Sansar “, greed and lust for money, power, pleasure, etc., may not take the upper hand and hinder me and Her work”.

69. The Founder has an inward satisfaction when he knows Mother’s Full Grace continuously showering on him. Mother gives dreams visions and messages to others and directly or indirectly informs others, as if to say, Mai and Mai-Swarup are nearest, if not Mother and Son, or if not same and one, as some (Devotees or Adwaitins) may believe. But, then comes an extremely sorrowful wave of a lamentful and yet turbulent mood. He goes to Mother and talks to Her “What have I to do with my recognition!!! Is that my goal or happiness?? No. I want the world to come forth with whatever sacrifice each one can make, to work with me, to spread Thy Glory and to revise the world’s understanding about true religiosity, or, in other words, to spread Thy simple and straight Religion, make people of a better moral caliber, infuse true religiosity, make man-to-man relationship of a much superior order. There, I find a great cipher. Don’t cheat me with hollow words of people’s praises and prostrations. I want substantial results in life, Morality, Religiosity, peacefulness, security, stability, smoothness and all that is most sublime beautiful and blissful in the living of mankind in general. Raise the minimum, something showered freely and mercifully on all persons even though they have no qualification of theirs except that they have life, except that they breathe in and out, like a blacksmith’s bellows. I don’t mean dabbling with the Divine Law of give and take, and of more progress, bliss and happiness to more deserving. Let that remain unconstrained and unaltered. Though effortless and unearned, yet every one live most mechanically a better life than the present one. Raise the minimum smoothness and peacefulness of average life of mankind. Let the happiness and misery, at the two extremities be much more heightened if that is necessary and inevitable, for exceptional few. Let there be wars, epidemics devastation diseases destruction etc., if people lose their divine sense and brains and throw all solicitations of thy devotees to winds with indifference and ridicule, and if suffering is the only way for bringing men to their senses, but let the neutral man live a much better life, with Thy Grace of raising the minimum. Let atleast Thy devotees not suffer, for no fault of theirs, an for the only reason that they happen to be in the midst of the world’s self invited destruction and misery all around them.” If segregation or isolation is the only salvation remedy, if things can be made more smooth by a re-classification, do that. Do anything but let the world be much happier than now.”





Bliss in Mai Niwas



‘ MAI NIWAS ‘ Mother Mai’s Mansion
Let this be always your journey’s destination

A humble structure to unknowing passers by
But they are sure to feel an aura alive

Evil thoughts and base desires to which humans are prone
Will find it difficult to enter this enchanted zone

Even the most wicked man with animal instincts
Will at the least become human within these precincts

Discard notions of colour, sex and religion
For in here you have no other identity , but as MAI MAIJI’S children

Fortunate are they who live in the vicinity
As they get to inhale air of such sanctity

This is an oasis where you can refresh yourself
When you are down and out in a world of power and pelf

Many are estranged couple on praying here
Have been recompensed with connubial bliss dear

Dire sinners have returned home with their hearts lightened
Tears of remorse shed and vows of abstinence strengthened

Youngsters have offered a heartfelt prayer
And have found their examination results more than fair

Devotees struggling to earn their daily bread
Slowly the path to riches have tread

Barren women have of MAI MAIJI begged
And with a bonny baby been duly blessed

People in financial ruin and going bankrupt
Have been saved from the brink to their joy un-corrupt

Those who crave the spiritual nectar
Have found it to be more than abundant here

But remember that your desire’s fructification
Depends on the intensity of prayer and your heart’s liquefaction

Your Prarabdha may sometimes not allow your desire’s actualization
But rest assured you will soon experience MAI MAIJI’S benign consolation

MAI NIWAS , Mother Mai’s Mansion
Let this always be your journey’s destination


Extract from the MAI MARG booklet No. 79 published and printed by Universal Maiism Trust, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai 400054 India.


















God is unlimited by space and time

God is unlimited by  space and time.

Limited by space, means the absolute non-existence of a thing in a certain place [as when we say, “This is not here” .

Limited by time, is similarly explained when we say, “This was not before” or “It will not exist in future.”

God ( Divine Mother ) is also unlimited by law of causation. This means that She can manifest Herself or shower Her Grace , in any place and any time.

Devotees or preachers or Truth-seers can flourish in any country. There in any case and in any religious world , and in any country. There is no monopoly for Mai-ist. Her Grace and Her manifestation is even above the Law of cause and effect.

This means that there is no stereotyped mechanical routine, through which every soul has to pass, in the very same manner and through the very same experiences.


Maya the most incomprehensible and infatuating divine power of God

Queen Gandhari गांधारी , Mother of the Kauravas कौरव, after they were slain, determined to die of FASTING, although Lord Krishna श्रीकृष्ण  did His best console her, and to abandon such dying determination.

One night Gandhari गांधारी ran to the battle field where her sons were lying slain, to give up her life.

And there Maayaa माया worked up the miracle.In her sight , a beautiful mango tree grew up with infatuating mangoes. She would go to pluck them, but they would remain a bit higher. Maayaa माया  made her loose all sense in solitude , in starvation.To gain the height and to reach the mangoes, she heaped up her 100 sons’ bodies, one upon another; still the mangoes remained a little higher. Lord Krishna came over there, plucked the mangoes, gave them to her and taught her the highest lesson about the nothingness of man, and the nothingness of everything , IN THE VAST UNIVERSE . 





All Maiists must remember that they have an obligation to spread the message of Mai-ism or Glory of Mai to as many people as they can. If not everyone, at least the near and dear ones  and to those whom you come across and who are in need of help from the divine.This is the greatest service that any Maiist can do, i.e.,spreading the Glory of Mother. Remember to introduce Mai as the other of whole universe and that is why She is addressed as VISHWA MATA विश्वमाता  , VISHWAMAYI विश्वमयी & JAGAN MAYI जगन्मयी .

There is general apathy of sort, especially among the youth, when we deal with God and spirituality.When we taste a new ice cream flavor in the market , which taste out of this world or watch an interesting movie , which is a hit, don’t we share this information with our friends and relatives around? Similarly when we take our child to a Doctor , who is excellent in his diagnosis and prognosis, don’t we share this information to near and dear ones, so that they also enjoy the benefit of the new discovery.  Similarly, a mai-ist should be much above the selfish idea of eating one’s ice cream selfishly and seclusive. Maiji says he is a dog who selfishly keeps the highest truth, bliss and experience to himself. Remember that in any place, in any condition, at any time and to at any one, who ever talks about the Glory of Mother has been accumulating merit. So, spread the glory of Mai, in whose realm there is nothing that is unachievable. And Glorification of Mai, i.e. Punya Kirti , is the highest sin annihilators. Remember Mai is more pleased by the spared of Her Glory  than self evolution , even though desire-less and spiritual.

Please see how Saint Mai Swarup has described the meaning of the Mai’s name PUNYA KIRTI in his commentary of Mai Sahasranama hymn –



Punya-kirti पुण्यकीर्तिः  She whose glorification helps the amassment of merit. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 542

Several methods of acquiring merit (Punya पुण्य) are charity, suffering for others, fasting, undertaking ceremonial sacrifices, self-mortifying, self-denying, abstaining from enjoyments, serving others, controlling desires, going on pilgrimages, saints-serving, parents-serving, feeding the needy, providing constructional works to serve humanity, exerting oneself to serve society in its struggling to gain godliness, religiosity, etc., etc., etc.

It is Mother who creates and kindles the desire of amassing the merit. For them that have no means for the above and are of another mentality, the other avenue of gaining merit is through hearing of the greatness of Mother and discoursing and making others to hear. Although only two words of Shravana (hearing) and Kirtana  are mentioned here in this name, these two words are supposed to include all different measures as Lotus Feet service, worship, saint-companionship, self-surrendering, etc.,which go to form the mental attitude of devotion.

Punya-kirti पुण्यकीर्ति is glorification of Mother. This idea has not been well realised and is held at  a great discount compared with the other two avenues. We are generally of such a pigmy-like outlook that we have certain limited notions. A Kirtankaar कीर्तनकार means one who gives a particular discourse in a particular dress in a particular place in the meting of a particular class of people in a particular manner. This name Punyakirti should convey the idea in any place, in any condition, at any time and to any people whoever talks about the glory of Mother has been accumulating merit. This is true even while he is talking to a fellow passenger in a bus or when he is in a dancing hall.

Mother’s name does not require the sanction of any circumstances to make it creative of merit. Mother’s name and Mother’s glorification are by themselves the highest sin-annihilators.

Every Mother’s Lodge member, just the reverse of the old idea, should be much above the selfish idea of eating one’s sweet selfishly and seclusively.

Secrecy and seclusion of vices through which often Satan creeps in with the external appearance of godliness, sublimity, divinity, etc. Satan often fosters ignorance, immorality, imbecility, exclusive possessiveness, etc.

This name Punyakirti conveys a command. Glorify Mother. Spread and out-spread Mother’s Glory in all publicity.

Secrecy and seclusion should be avoided as far as possible in activities of true religiosity.

If scoundrels have succeeded in running away with wealth and women in the field of religion, it is mainly through the satanic weapons of secrecy and seclusion. He who is truely religious and dies without leaving his inheritance  or transferring his light and love  to some disciples  to the extent of latter’s receptivity, is a sinner, under Mai’s Ideal.  This spread of religiosity and  Mother’s Glory is Punya Kirti.