Mother : Compassionate immeasurably and impartially

The Finalmost Truth is that Mother will ever remain pouring Her Mercy and man will ever remain being ungrateful. If a man is to remain ever ungrateful, God to be ever pouring Mercy must be Mother, and because man is getting more and more absorbed in his own selfishness, greater is the necessity of God being Mother. ~ Saint Mai Swarup Mai Markand



Jay Shree Ram

Strivers and perfect souls , the liberated and the unworldly minded , the seers and the learned men, those knowing the secrets of Karma ( duty ) and those who have renounced all action, Yogis ( mystics ) and valiant heroes , great ascetics and wise men who has realized the Self – none of these can cross the ocean of mundane existence without adoring my Lord, Sri Rama, to whom I bow again and again and again. ~ SAINT TULSIDAS [ Sri Ramacharitamanas, Uttarakhand, Couplet 124 ]

तरहि न बिनु सेए मम स्वामी । राम नमामि नमामि नमामी ।।

श्रीरामचरितमानस  उत्तरकांड दोहा 124

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Nothing happens by Chance

There is nothing like Chance. Nothing happens by Chance.

Everything happens according to the Supreme will of Mai (GOD).

If a man lives or dies it is not by Chance. Mother decides it be so. In ” Soldier’s Wife” there was a man who was sentenced to be hanged. Subsequently on discovery of certain facts which were unknown when the decree was passed, the order was counter mended. In order to save the man  sentence to be executed his cousin rushed on horseback.Without losing even a moment or taking rest en-route he rode on breakneck speed and at last arrived just at the nick of the moment to save the life of his cousin who was sentenced to death. The man was saved not by chance. It is the design and will of Mother. If it be not so, there would have occurred delay  en-route to the rider, the horse could have become lame, another horse would have not been available it would have been too late to save the man under sentence of execution. It was not by chance but by the divine will that the rider did not meet with any delay and was successful in saving his cousin from the scaffold. It is therefore wrong to attribute anything to chance.

– Saint Mai Swarup Mai Markand

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God as Mother

Mai-ism is Hinduism or Christianity or say any religion. BUT NOT THAT ALONE. A mother is the mother of each one of her children but yet not of any child alone. Mai-ism is a larger circle which include all smaller circles without tackling or touching or disturbing the integrity of any smaller circles. it is a parental religion of the most merciful parent. THE MOTHER which keeps reconciliation of all individual religions.

Mother is the same Almighty whom some call Father, some the Supreme Self,some the Nature, some the Divine Law, some the Absolute,some the Truth and so on. She is God, but conceived as Mother.

Mother is that infinite which remains after all negations. Mai is Brahma-Svarupini.

God as Father is JUSTICE and God as Mother is LOVE & MERCY.God as Father or God as Mother means, God that deals with us in fatherly manner or motherly manner.Mother ignores,forgives and forgets which the Father does not, so very easily and not that extent of pity and mercifulness compassion and condescension. None knows the ailment of a child as Mother, without even a communicating syllable. Mother’s compassion alone can save us.


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MAIJI SAID : Mai-ism scripture is simple.It consists of Six words only; Mother,Love to Mother and Her Children, Universality, Service, Devotion and Self Surrender. The first word “Mother” indirectly and implicitly includes the principle or the word of spiritual co-equal status of man and woman. Of course practice will take time but at least the scripture is over

MAI-ISM can depend only on actual solid results of Mai’s miraculous grace of helping out Mai devotees from their personal miseries.

In a religious act, god’s grace propitiation and return are guaranteed.

The higher the spiritual and religious and moral stage and living of a man, the greater is the peace of mind, happiness and cessation of misery.

Religion is to be seen in the life you live, and not in words you speak or write or in some particular external ritualistic actions or observances, that people call as religion.

It is only the highest blessing of god that would enable man to see things in the right perspective, it is extremely rare gift and grace of god.


Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai 400054 India.