Do realize this fact


All beings rest, in the Lord. But, the bodies are born, they live  and die, because they are transitory, while the soul undergoes no change. This soul has its identity with God, but when it assumes its identity with the body, by having a disinclination for God, it becomes conscious of its separate entity, as ‘I am a body’.

This ‘I’ ness consists of two fragments—the self, and non-self, or it is called the embodied soul. In this “I’ ness, the fragment of non-self, is naturally attracted towards nature. Having identity with a fragment of nature, the embodied soul, mistakes this attraction of nature towards Nature, as its own and thinks, ‘I should get riches, pleasures and worldly enjoyments.’

Thus, he has disinclination towards God, to a great extent. It accepts the body’s death, as its own. Actually this soul is an eternal portion of the Lord, but by having affinity with the world, it wants to enjoy worldly pleasures, and to maintain the body forever.

Actually, this desire is to remain with God forever because he has his real affinity with Him. However he (embodied soul) may identify himself, with the body, yet his affinity and attraction towards God, can neither vanish nor is there is any possibility of their vanishing. ‘I should ever live; I should ever be happy; I should attain supreme joy’-in this form, attraction for God, subsists in him. But he commits a blunder, that he wants to attain this supreme joy, through worldly objects. By an error, he has a desire for pleasure, which is transitory.

If he realizes the reality, that all worldly pleasures are perishable, and sources of pain, then his desire for them perishes, and his desire to attain eternal bliss is aroused. The more this desire, (want) is aroused, the more disinclination, a striver has for perishable objects etc. When he has a total disinclination , for them, he realizes that he has rested in the Lord, since time immemorial.

Extract from the book~ Sadhak Sanjivani, Srimad Bhagavatgita, Chapter 9 Verse 6

Author: Swami Ramsukhdas,

Gita Press, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, 273005 India.




Pray to your Mother like this-


“I have come to Thee, Mother. I have tried everything There is none to save me. There is no happiness anywhere except in Thy Lotus Feet. I have nothing in my character, no meritorious action, absolutely nothing which can please Thee. I have no possession to offer to Thee. I offer myself, as I am, to Thee. Accept me. I prostrate to Thee with my two hands and my unworthy head falling flat before Thee, with the hope of being saved through the Mercy of Thy Lotus Feet and Lotus Feet alone. Remove all the weakness, wickedness and blackness of my head and heart and the sinfulness of everything that goes to make me. Sublimate my blackness to add to the luster of Thy enchanting black hair.”.. .

Reader!! I have myself burst into tears when I write the above. What then to speak about the efficiency of this method ? A Mai-ist should not blunt the sharp edge of this extremely efficacious weapon with the dead routine observance of mechanically and automatically prostrating before any tonsure-headed, yellow-robed incognito. Many orthodox Hindus will call it a childishness of mine to extremely overvalue this simple process of prostration which they go | through so many times a day, but I bear testimony and go to the length of proclaiming this prostration method to be the simplest and most efficacious one of all methods in general vogue.

Practise this method twice daily and the day is not far when in the flat-fallen position, with tears in your eyes you would say “Mother !! Raise me if Thou desirest. For me to rise myself is impossible” and you would then begin to roll on the ground craving for the showers of Mother’s Mercy which will surely one day deluge you.

~ Extract from the book: PHALA SHRUTI  (Supplement Page No 62 and 63)  to MOTHER’S THOUSAND NAMES

Author : Mai Swarup Mai Markand 

Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz west, Mumbai 400054 India



Divine Mother


Inner voice of Saint Mai Swarup Mai Markand



How very difficult hast Thou made my leaving the pen that was placed by Thee in my hand, to sing Thy Glory! More difficult than the drowning shipwrecked leaving the floating reed !! More difficult than a prisoner’s leaving embrace of his dearest mother just before being led away to his destination !! More difficult than my name-sake’s leaving Thy Lotus Feet at the final-end moment !!

Why? Why? Why, This cry in this materialistic world’s wilderness !!! The measure of an iota of Thy Love, Mercy and Grace none can imagine. I have proved entirely and wholly unworthy. Call me away, back to Thy Lotus Feet.

Exploiters in the past, of Thy Love and Mercy have made a wizard and witch of Thee. Sensualists have defamed Thee to eulogise and religionize their pleasure-pursuing animalism. Thy Blessed ones, whose every breath purified this world with Thy sacred name, have disappeared leaving their task for Thee unfulfilled, unbegun, un-understood unheard and even unsaid.

Howsoever unworthy and uncapacious I am, it has unbearable for me to see my Mother so very cruelly and pervertedly blasphed and scandalized.

That sophistic Luke warmness “In any form they worship  Her” does not satisfy me or silence me.

Teach me to love Thee. Teach me to teach others loving Thee. Let the world sneer or sniff. Let the world adore or ignore.

Mother, let those sickening worldly matters go. What about Me-Thee and Thee-Me? My heart leaps joyfully with my answer to Thee and Thine to me. Thy oneness-assuring glance is more charmful than all the lilies of the world and the sight of the oneness expressing swing of Thy gem-bedecked crown more enriching than all the riches of the whole world. With Thy mightiest powers of the most delusive Maya, Thou, canst not leave me. Thy truant boy will drag Thee even when in the direst hell. I am Thine upto Death and beyond. I cannot worship Thee. I will weep out all my life, out of separation from Thee.

I am Thy wicked child. I know no obedience to Thee and Thy commandments. I am an over fondled child and have no fear of Thee and Thy terrors.

Blessed is the child, that on being dashed on the stone floor stands up and runs into Thy trans-heavenly embrace.

I am intolerable to Thee. But I am sure everything is intolerable to Thee without me. Am I not right ? Tell me, speak out, I am quite impatient. Utter only a half-syllable, and I lay down my whole life and soul for Thy half-syllable.

When Thy Grace dawns, an inexplicable fascination for Thy name possesses Thy accepted child. Repetition of Thy name flings open the walls and gates of Thy inner world on the path of becoming one as Thine with all others that are Thine. Thy child rushes on the path of attaining Thy Grace. All mundane attractions and attachments, one after another slip away. Constant contact and all-surrendered service of Thy pets, sharpens and sweetens the love of Thy child to Thee. The sense of feeling Thy Presence gets more and more deepened. Intensely concentrated presence-feeling unveils Thy Personality. Constant meditation of Thy Personality enkindles in the heart of Thy child an intense desire of the most direct all-exclusive relationship. On that relation being established, nothing in all the worlds and universes remains covetable except full self-surrender in Thy Lotus Feet and Thy acceptance.

The man who only yesterday required to be clad in silk is to-day in tottered rags. In rags however Thy child is many times much dearer to Thee. He takes delight in rendering to Thee and Thy world the lowest menial service. With the secret enjoyment of Thy Presence and His love to Thee and Thy love-return, he evades worldly men and worldly things. The sweetness of Thy name satisfies all his senses. All nature to him becomes only a mirror of Thee. Yesterday only he ridiculed the very talk of Thy existence, but to-day he is weeping bitterly for Thy Darshan (sight).

Again and Again he speaks to himself, “Why am I born, if not to sing Thy Glory?” “Why am I living if my soul does not become a dust-particle under the fingernail of Thy Lotus Feet?” He has no case and no sleep till he reaches the perfection of Thy Grace.

Blessed be they that accept Thy simplest and surest path. Blessed be they, that love and serve Thy children. Blessed be they, that devote themselves to Thee with cheerful and unconditional self-surrender.

Mother Bless Us All