Mai principally means God as Universal Mother, Universal Father

MAI principally means God as Universal Mother, Universal Father, Universal Mother-Father or Universal Father-Mother of one and all human beings, one creatrix  or creator of all created beings or things, who is most pleased and showers peace, prosperity, health, wealth, joy and happiness on them that have been living the life of universal love and service to God’s all children, and of devotion and unconditional cheerful self-surrender to the Divine Will of the Final-most God of any conception that any one accepts. ~ Saint Mai Swarup Mai Markand / Mai-ism




God as Mother, the Infinite Energy

At the present time God should be worshipped as ‘Mother’, the Infinite Energy.This will lead to purity, and tremendous energy will come here….. ~ Swami Vivekananda

What is Mai-ism and what it stands for ?

Mother’s Grace – most expeditious

People have often misunderstood God’s or Mother’s Grace. It does not invert justice nor give an exemption. It carries you most expeditiously with every protection and guidance, but surely, through the right channel, and teaching you to be fully obedient to the Divine Laws. If that were not so, everyone would be breaking the law, shed few tears of right or wrong repentance, and the result would be, that the Divine Law would be the object of insignificance, ridicule and mockery. This extremely delusive notion, as result of greatest exaggeration, though not deliberate, and so very natural with them that have experienced Mother’s Grace, must go. A safer thing would be, to get a direct answer from the Grace recipients on the point, and not to jump and run rampant, as you like, to form your own inferences and conclusions. Get your answer from your Grace recipients to the direct question,” Is Mother’s Mercy a licence? ” Mother is not being to be trifled with.

688. We are bound to avoid all bad actions, words and thoughts. We cannot always stop bad thoughts coming to us, but we can at least be displeased with them and try to banish them and refuse to yield to them. Regarding what is good and bad, and right and wrong, in the preliminary stage, it is enough that one obeys the Inner Voice of Mother As Antaryaamini, which people, in general parlance, call “conscience”. Conscience is ever alive and ever-awake reality within us, which notes and records everything of ours, issues warning from time to time, and bites us from painful stings on our disobedience, during and after.

689. Not to speak of the rare cases of temptations, passions and provocations, the man who has practised control over his six enemies enumerated before, is a much higher man, than one who has not known their working and has never practised the strengthening of his will to be the last succumbing to them. Not to use personification, we can call the six enemies to be our six vices and one has to be extremely careful about his vices and virtues and their doings in life. A certain virtue of a man is his strength of doing good actions of a certain type, effortlessly, repeatedly and promptly. A certain vice is similarly an inclination towards bad actions, of a certain nature which one drives one to the action unless strongly controlled with a determined will and effort.

690. Elementarily, the spiritual aspirant may have the following notions, regarding the different terms while practising self-control.
Kama or Desire is the inner urge, which makes us indulge in thoughts and imaginations of a certain pleasure, usually denied.

Krodha or anger is the hot and strong feeling against somebody, who or which comes in the way of the fulfilment of our desires, which displeases us, and makes us attack, injure or destroy the disliked circumstances, objects or passions.

Lobha or avarice is a passionate desire of possession of things , which we can not possess in usual course, without going out of the righteous and just way of things, which prompts us to be unfair , which disturbs our mind with discontent and makes us dead to the delicate feelings, in the matter of consideration for the happiness of others . The accelerated with the speed with which we desire and strive for happiness and self-serving, more and more, and yet more, and with discontent, is the broader variety of Lobha itself.

Mada or pried is an extremely over-exaggerated notion of ourselves, which results in our contempt and ill-treatment for and to others inferior to us, and a feeling of independence, easy provocation, and rebelliousness, against those that are superior to us.

Moha or infatuation is the climax condition of a certain desire, which makes you lose all your sense of judgement and action, and bodily and mental.
Matsar or jealousy, is the bitterness of heart experienced on seeing others happier, better off and possessed of certain qualities or advantages more than you, which you do not possess, but are desirous of possessing.

[ MAI-ISM BOOK: Notes 687 to 690 / Pages 590 to 592

Mother Bless All

My happiest thought of consolation, however, is that if a single name out of these appeals itself to any devotee reader, Mother is merciful enough to liberate him through the repetition of that single one name.
A Mai-ist should repeat Mother’s names preferably on every Friday( preferably at the midnight hour ) and practise meditation of Shreechakra on full moon day. As far as possible he should perform the Japa daily. And the Japa should be performed repeatedly by a devotee whenever he finds leisure moments while walking, sleeping, talking etc. A time will arrive after long practice when even your mind is engaged in the routine discharge of the duties of the life. a portion thereof is unconsciously doing the Japa work and is, so to say, dedicated away to Mother.
If a devotee recites one of the names narrated in this little work even once, he should be known as most dear to Mother and Mother will grant him all that he desires. If he always recites these names to please Mother, he will obtain, undoubtedly all his moral and legitimate desires by Mother’s Grace.
It is my experience in case of so many that they have been lifted out of the mud-mire of worldliness on their following my request to finish a hundred repetitions of Mother’s Thousand names, even though not a letter may be comprehensible. If one realises the reality of Mother, there is absolutely nothing unreasonable about the undreamt success. ~ Saint Mai Swarup / Mother and Mother’s Thousand Names / Maiism

A PDF file of Mother’s Thousand Names is available here for  easy and free download



Rama and Sita catch sight of each other

श्री जनक राजा के बागमें भगवान श्री राम और सीताजीके एक दुसरेके प्रति प्रथम दर्शन :
For the first time, Ram and Sita catch sight of each other in the King Janaka’s garden :

केहरि कटि पट पीत धर सुषमा सील निधान । देखि भानुकुलभूषनहि विसरा सखिन्ह अपान ।। श्री तुलसीदास कृत श्रीरामचरितमानस, बाल कांड, दोहा 233 ||

Beholding the Ornament of the solar race, who had a slender waist like that of a lion and clad in a yellow, who was the very embodiment of beauty and amiability, Sita’s companions forgot their very existence.

धरि धीरजु एक आलि सयानी । सीता सन बोली गहि पानी ।
बहुरि गौरि कर ध्यान करेहु । भुपकिसोर देखि किन लेहु ।। 1 ।।
सकुचि सीयँ तब नयन उघारे । सनमुख दोउ रघुसिंघ निहारे ।
नख सिख देखि राम कै सोभा । सुमिरि पिता पनु मनु अति छोभा ।। 2 ।।
परबस सखिन्ह लखि जब सीता । भयउ गहरु सब कहहि सभीता ।
पुनि आउब एहि बेरिआॅं काली । अस कहि मन बिहसि एक आली ।। 3 ।।
गूढ गिरा सुनि सिय सकुचानी । भयउ विलंब मातु भय मानी ।
धरि बडि धीर रामु उर आने । फिरी अपनउ पितुबस जाने ।। 4 ।।

Recovering herself, one of Her clever companions grasped Sita by the hand and said, ” Meditate on Gauri afterwards; why not behold the princes just now? ” Sita then bashfully opened Her eyes and saw the two lions of Raghu’s race opposite Herself. Surveying Sri Ram’s beauty from head to foot in the reverse order and remembering Her father’s vow She felt much perturbed. When Sita’s companions saw Her thus overcome with love, they all cried in alarm: ” We are late already. “. ” Let us come again at this very hour tomorrow”! So saying one of them smiled within herself. Sita blushed at this pregnant remark. She got afraid of Her mother; for She felt it was already late. Recovering Herself with considerable effort She received Sri Ram into Her heart and conscious of Her dependence on Her sire returned home. [ 1 – 4 ]

देखन मिस मृग बिहग तरु फिरइ बहोरि बहोरि ।
निरखि निरखि रघुवर छबि बाढई प्रीति न थोरि ।। दोहा 234 ।।

Under the pretence of looking at a deer, bird or tree Sita turned again and again; and each time She gazed on Raghu’s race, Her love vexed not a little.

अधिक जानकारीके लिये कृपया देखिये – श्रीतुलसीदास विरचित श्रीरामचरितमानस ग्रंथका बालकाण्ड विभाग, दोहा 226 के आगे

For more reading about this, please see: SRI RAMCHARITMANAS ( SECTION 1 – BAL KAND – COUPLET 226 ONWARD ) BY SAINT SRI TULSIDAS.
Gita Press, Gorakhpur, U.P. 273005 India.

Sri Ram has assumed a form with attributes yielding to the love of His devotees.

जय श्रीराम जय श्रीहनुमान

अति विचित्र रघुपति चरित जानही परम सुजान ।
जे मतिमंद विमोह बस ह्रदय धरहि कछु आन ।। दोहा 49 – बालकाण्ड – श्रीरामचरितमानस – श्रीतुलसीदास ।।

Exceedingly mysterious are the ways of the Lord of Raghus, the supremely wise alone can comprehend them. The dull-witted in the height of their folly imagine something quite different. – Couplet 49
Balkand – Shree Ramcharitmanas by Saint Tulsidas

Come what may do not leave Mother’s Lotus Feet


In life, there are there are many calamities and trying situations. When one has to weigh the worldly benefits and considerations against one’s spiritual elevation or debasement, one must invariably decide in favour of spiritual elevation, foregoing all the worldly calculations and future prospects.

Come what may. Don’t leave Mother’s Lotus Feet. You have a right to the Mother’s Feet and Lap. It is enough that you have tried your best not to be pulled out, and that you have again returned. You are again welcome to the safe corner of purity and rest and peace. Run back at the earliest opportunity. Your right living becomes so interwoven in your life, that whenever you make a departure, you are filled with unique uneasiness and confusion. You must be so guile-lessness-stamped in your face that even the dullest man of the world would detect you out and force you to be driven back to your corner with a little suffering. Develop your mind to be so sensitive that you yourself can’t remain composed until you have vomited out your wrong actions, intentions, sins, faults and follies.

I assure you from my personal experience. If you are a devotee, Mother saves you with only a slight reproach and a warning and a little loss. She changes the minds of people. How rarest thing it is to meet a man who makes confessions with repentance and resolution not to repeat the folly? Mother helps you in such cases most miraculously. It is the Divine arrangement that saints are harassed by the world, even on false accusations to make them more and more unattached to the world and to be pulled toward the God.

Nip in the bud, a vicious thought, wish or action. Let the improvement of others be now, only a side activity of your life. Let that infatuation of duty go. A general high sense of duty must be uniform and of the same intensity and not restricted to wife and children only. Every man has his duty towards God, himself, Universe, parents, brothers and sisters and neighbours and posterity as well. Wife and children themselves, although fully mature and discrete, never think about the indispensability by your care and protection, as much as you are dancing about under the name of duty. You have to play your inevitable part alone, with the least attachment.

Every man who has worked hard and gone out of righteousness has a feeling of disgust at the end when he finds and discovers the real mentalities of them whom he looks upon as helpless dependents and dying without him and as ready for every sacrifice for him, when he sees things incompatible with his lifelong exertions and expectations.

Your living as a householder or a relinquisher of the family life is a matter of much less important than the reality about how you live every moment of your life. You have to pay off your debts. As soon as you are nearing the mark automatically, all the circumstances of life will change, to create a position suited to your new requirements.


Extract from the book: MAI-ISM

Author: Mai Swarup Mai Markand

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