Rama and Sita catch sight of each other

श्री जनक राजा के बागमें भगवान श्री राम और सीताजीके एक दुसरेके प्रति प्रथम दर्शन :
For the first time, Ram and Sita catch sight of each other in the King Janaka’s garden :

केहरि कटि पट पीत धर सुषमा सील निधान । देखि भानुकुलभूषनहि विसरा सखिन्ह अपान ।। श्री तुलसीदास कृत श्रीरामचरितमानस, बाल कांड, दोहा 233 ||

Beholding the Ornament of the solar race, who had a slender waist like that of a lion and clad in a yellow, who was the very embodiment of beauty and amiability, Sita’s companions forgot their very existence.

धरि धीरजु एक आलि सयानी । सीता सन बोली गहि पानी ।
बहुरि गौरि कर ध्यान करेहु । भुपकिसोर देखि किन लेहु ।। 1 ।।
सकुचि सीयँ तब नयन उघारे । सनमुख दोउ रघुसिंघ निहारे ।
नख सिख देखि राम कै सोभा । सुमिरि पिता पनु मनु अति छोभा ।। 2 ।।
परबस सखिन्ह लखि जब सीता । भयउ गहरु सब कहहि सभीता ।
पुनि आउब एहि बेरिआॅं काली । अस कहि मन बिहसि एक आली ।। 3 ।।
गूढ गिरा सुनि सिय सकुचानी । भयउ विलंब मातु भय मानी ।
धरि बडि धीर रामु उर आने । फिरी अपनउ पितुबस जाने ।। 4 ।।

Recovering herself, one of Her clever companions grasped Sita by the hand and said, ” Meditate on Gauri afterwards; why not behold the princes just now? ” Sita then bashfully opened Her eyes and saw the two lions of Raghu’s race opposite Herself. Surveying Sri Ram’s beauty from head to foot in the reverse order and remembering Her father’s vow She felt much perturbed. When Sita’s companions saw Her thus overcome with love, they all cried in alarm: ” We are late already. “. ” Let us come again at this very hour tomorrow”! So saying one of them smiled within herself. Sita blushed at this pregnant remark. She got afraid of Her mother; for She felt it was already late. Recovering Herself with considerable effort She received Sri Ram into Her heart and conscious of Her dependence on Her sire returned home. [ 1 – 4 ]

देखन मिस मृग बिहग तरु फिरइ बहोरि बहोरि ।
निरखि निरखि रघुवर छबि बाढई प्रीति न थोरि ।। दोहा 234 ।।

Under the pretence of looking at a deer, bird or tree Sita turned again and again; and each time She gazed on Raghu’s race, Her love vexed not a little.

अधिक जानकारीके लिये कृपया देखिये – श्रीतुलसीदास विरचित श्रीरामचरितमानस ग्रंथका बालकाण्ड विभाग, दोहा 226 के आगे

For more reading about this, please see: SRI RAMCHARITMANAS ( SECTION 1 – BAL KAND – COUPLET 226 ONWARD ) BY SAINT SRI TULSIDAS.
Gita Press, Gorakhpur, U.P. 273005 India.

Sri Ram has assumed a form with attributes yielding to the love of His devotees.

जय श्रीराम जय श्रीहनुमान

अति विचित्र रघुपति चरित जानही परम सुजान ।
जे मतिमंद विमोह बस ह्रदय धरहि कछु आन ।। दोहा 49 – बालकाण्ड – श्रीरामचरितमानस – श्रीतुलसीदास ।।

Exceedingly mysterious are the ways of the Lord of Raghus, the supremely wise alone can comprehend them. The dull-witted in the height of their folly imagine something quite different. – Couplet 49
Balkand – Shree Ramcharitmanas by Saint Tulsidas