God as Universal Divine Mother

Mother is the same Almighty whom some call Father, some the Supreme Self,some the Nature, some the Divine Law, some the Absolute,some the Truth and so on. She is God, but conceived as Mother.

Mother is that infinite which remains after all negations. Mai is Brahma-Svarupini.

God as Father is JUSTICE and God as Mother is LOVE & MERCY.God as Father or God as Mother means, God that deals with us in fatherly manner or motherly manner.

Mother ignores,forgives and forgets which the Father does not, so very easily and not that extent of pity and mercifulness compassion and condescension. None knows the ailment of a child as Mother, without even a communicating syllable. Mother’s compassion alone can save us.

Once you become Hers, She has Her own ways,Her Own arrangements and adjustments.Once you enroll yourself as Hers, the remaining task is Hers. Be a Mother’s child. Love,Service,Devotion and Self Surrender are the best paths for worshiping Her.

Mother has helped families out of calamities, beyond imagination, only on a mere appearance of self surrender to Her.

Mother’s ways of protection are unknown to us.

Mother runs to the succour of Her devotees by thousand legs.


Motherhood is the highest conception of God if you wish to be saved from irreligion, materialism,atheism and satanism.

In a religious act, God’s grace propitiation and returns are guaranteed.
Come what may, don’t leave Mother’s Lotus feet.You have a right to the Mother’s feet and Lap.It is god and god’s grace that opens the door but knocking leads to it.

The worship of universal Mother is the only method of attaining all human desires; the repetition of Her secret and sacred names is the best way to approach Her. If Mother’s Grace is there, one does not need any Guru’s initiation as Mother is all Mantras.

The simplest method of worship is by prayer. It may be for spiritual grace or some particular moral and legitimate benefit or relief.

The worship of Mother is an invocation to the Eternal Mother to bring forth not simply salvation of individuals but saviors and liberators of millions.

Blessed be Her name ! Clarified be Her conception ! Universalized be the outlook of Her devotees ! In showers fall Her grace on all of Her all wayward children desirous of being reclaimed !

Nothing is of any real avail if the unbelief is there. ~ Saint Shri Mai Swarup. / Universal Mai-ism Trust , Mumbai, India 400054   / MAI-ISM  / Mother and Mother’s Thousand Names 








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Non practising advocate ( Bar Council of Maharashtra ). Servant of God as Universal Divine Mother Mai & Saint Shri Mai Swarup Mai Markand ; follower of Universal Religion of Mai-ism, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai 400054, India.