Soul has its identity with God


All beings rest, in the Lord. But, the bodies are born; they live and die, because they are transitory, while the soul undergoes no change. This soul has its identity with God, but when it assumes its identity with the body, by having a disinclination for God, it becomes conscious of its separate entity, as ‘I am a body’. This ‘I’ ness consists of two fragments—the self, and non-self, or it is called the embodied soul. In this ‘I’ ness, the fragment of non-self, is naturally attracted towards nature. Having identity with, a fragment of nature, the embodied soul, mistakes this attraction of nature towards Nature, as its own and thinks, ‘I should get riches, pleasures and worldly enjoyments.’ Thus, he has disinclination towards God, to a great extent. It accepts the body’s death as its own. Actually this soul is an eternal portion of the Lord, but by having affinity with the world, it wants to enjoy worldly pleasures, and to maintain the body forever. Actually, this desire is to remain with God forever because he has his real affinity with Him. However he (embodied soul) may identify himself, with the body, yet his affinity and attraction towards God, can neither vanish nor is there any possibility of their vanishing. ‘I should ever live; I should ever be happy; I should attain supreme joy’-in this form, attraction for God, subsists in him. But he commits a blunder that he wants to attain this supreme joy, through worldly objects. By an error, he has a desire for pleasure, which is transitory. If he realizes the reality, that all worldly pleasures are perishable, and sources of pain, then his desire for them perishes, and his desire to attain eternal bliss is aroused. The more this desire, (want) is aroused, the more disinclination a striver has for perishable objects etc. When he has a total disinclination, for them, he realizes that he has rested in the Lord, since time immemorial.

Appendix-As the wind is born of ether, stays in ether and merges into ether viz., the wind has no independent existence besides ether, similarly all beings are born of God, abide in God and merge into God viz., beings have no independent existence besides God—if a striver accepts this fact firmly, he will realize the reality—all is God’

Author:  ~ Saint Shree Ramasukhadas Ji .


Gist of Gita teachings in its eighteenth chapter


The Karmayogi, however, who depends on Me, attains by My grace the eternal, imperishable state, even though performing all actions.  (56)

Mentally dedicating all your actions to Me, and taking recourse to Yoga in the form of even- mindedness, be solely devoted to Me and constantly fix your mind on Me.  (57)

With your mind thus devoted to Me, you shall, by My grace overcome all difficulties. But, if from self-conceit you do not care to listen to Me, you will be lost.  (58)

If, taking your stand on egotism, you think, I will not fight, vain is this resolve of yours nature will drive you to the act.    (59)

That action, too, which you are not willing to undertake through ignorance you will perforce perform, bound by your own duty born of your nature.  (60)

Arjuna, God abides in the heart of all creatures, causing them to revolve according to their Karma by His illusive power (Maya) as though mounted on a machine. (61)

Take refuge in Him alone with all your being, Arjuna. By His mere grace you will attain supreme peace and the eternal abode.   (62)

Thus, has this wisdom, more profound than all profundities, been imparted to you by Me; deeply pondering over it, now do as you like.    (63)

Hear, again, My supremely profound words, the most esoteric of all truths; as you are extremely dear to Me, therefore, I shall give you this salutary advice for your own good. (64)

Give your mind to Me, be devoted to Me, worship Me and bow to Me. Doing so, you will come to Me alone, I truly promise you; for, you are exceptionally dear to Me.   (65)

Resigning all your duties to Me, the all-powerful and all supporting Lord, take refuge in Me alone; I shall absolve you of all sins, worry not.    (66)

~ Extract from Shree Bhagavat Gita Eighteenth Chapter 

My devotee never perishes – Lord Shree Krishna

Affirm on My behalf, O Arjuna, My devotee never perishes. – Bhagavat Gita Chapter 9 Verse 31 (कौन्तेय प्रतिजानीहि न मे भक्तः प्रणश्यति)

Give your mind to Me, be devoted to Me, worship Me and bow to Me. Doing so, you will come to Me alone, I truely promise you, for, you are exceptionally dear to Me.  Shree Bhagavat Gita   Chapter 18 – Verse 65 (मन्मना भव मद् भक्तो मद्याजी मां नमस्कुरू । मामेवैष्यसि सत्यं ते प्रति जाने प्रियो असि मे ।)

Resigning all your duties to Me, the all Powerful and all supporting Lord, take refuge in Me alone, I shall absolve you from all sins, worry not. Chapter 18 – Verse 66 (सर्व धर्मान्परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं व्रज । अहं त्वां सर्वपापेभ्यो मोक्षयिष्यामि मा शुचः ।।)

May all people like you, by completely discarding all their own codes of conduct and those of other Dharmas, meditating, performing Kirtan, etc., and taking absolute shelter in Me, live happily, because I have, on oath, shouldered the full responsibility of liberating them, from all their sins, of freeing them from their worldly bondage, and the charge of their attaining Me. What more? I have taken upon Myself even to feed them. I bear the responsibility of looking to the welfare of those, who, being fully engrossed in Me alone, and without seeking any other protector, worship Me whole heartedly and zealously.

Extract from the Bhagvat Gita.


Saints do not count upon miracles to enlarge their influence


The Founder  does not give great importance to miracles but there is surely a stage when the miracles do the eye-opening work for many people who are really of an atheistic mentality, but who courteously and not honestly assent to the beliefs about the existence of the other world, or life after death, or invisible spirits, deities and God. Their assent is only mostly out of fear of being thrown out from society of God-believers and for so many other reasons.

Saints do not count upon miracles to enlarge their influence, but these are casual happenings managed by the Deities themselves to enhance the value of their devotees so that, they be heard with love, faith and sanctity, respect and obedience.

The Founder (Saint Mai Swarup Mai Markand) very humorously says, “How do miracles help you and me, if you do not make a point of being of the deserving plane in the matter of your devotion, love, service and surrender? I would show you actual Mai Herself, but you are the same person that you were before the Vision. You would be telling Mother, “We, I and my wife, are going to cinema. Please rock the cradle of this child and keep meals ready, when we return.” ” Where is the joyfulnessthe ecstasythe madnessthe feeling of having been blessed? Where is even the readiness to lose only an atom of your selfishness and worldliness?

You would be simply exploiting Mother, and that too most discontentedly and ungratefully. ” Mother do this and Mother do that“, yourself doing nothing for Mother except babbling some few words of praisea little trouble of twisting your tongue to cheat the worldyourself and the Guru hypocriticallyMother is afraid of you all. The height of ungratefulness is that you do not even talk about your gratitude or even of the experience to your husband, wife, children, friends or neighbors; not even to a sparrow, nor permit even walls to hear you. You bury the experience and gratitude, both, then and there.

 She prefers being neglected and ignored rather than be exploited and expedited and expelled after your need is served.”

Extract from the book: MAI-ISM


Author: Mai Swarup Mai Markand


Spirit is more powerful than matter

You can be happy provided you have decided to make others happy. There is no other way. Spirit is more powerful than matter. There is some inexplicable working which is making a man full of love and devotion and service, least liable, not only to disturbances from the world but to diseases, physical irregularities and various indispositions. So to say, on leading that sort of life, you become unapproachable to evils and unassailable by rude attacks of injurious men, hard situations an disagreeable circumstances.  Something generates in you which gives you an invincible power, not only intellectual, moral, religious but the very physical power of the body itself. You don’t contract the disease, and if you do, you recover much sooner. You have the fewest enemies; you have the smallest perplexities of life. Believe that your happiness and misery solely depend on you. And what is your equipment for highest happiness and minimum of misery? Your virtuous life, non-attachment and celibacy on the one hand, and your devotion and surrender to God on the other, with love and service.


~ Extract from the book: MAI-ISM


Author: Mai Swarup Mai Markand