Mother is fount and protector of traditional wisdom.

Sampradaaya is the wisdom, regularly imparted by the teachers to the disciple; Ishvari means ruler. Knowledge is gained by reasoning, through traditions, faith in Guru and intuition.

Mother tries to see, that so long as a particular school of religion with certain beliefs and practices of the divine path to reach Her, is not tented with vice of greed, adultery, hypocrisy etc., it progresses with Her full help and blessings.

The secret of success of the initiation ceremony and rituals should be , the intense devotion with which the Guru requests Mother to create a replica of all his powers, knowledge and wisdom to be conferred on the disciple.


When however the Guru becomes the usurper of God’s powers and the Guru’s homages, when he gets deluded that that powers belong to and vest in himself, and when disciples attach more importance to rituals then to the actual faith and devotion (in and to God and Guru), the whole institute becomes a soul like skeleton. Further as by several leakages by vices the joints get loose, the whole frame work begins to crack, the vitality gradually vanishes, and the whole body begins to give a stinking smell like corpse, and the whole institute finally gives way, by its own weight of sinfulness and weakness of perverted notions , ignorance and meaningless mechanical practices.


By Mother’s Grace, as soon as one institute gets too old, another is brought into being. Mother is concerned with keeping up the religiosity of the universe and not with the superiority and inferiority of a particular institute or religion or the fame of an individual founder. That fighting and quarreling is all man made and meaningless and by half baked people, bigots or fools.

– Extract from the book : Mother and Mother’s Thousand Names 

Author : Mai Swarup Mai Markand 


Weakness may be tolerated but wickedness has to be annihilated ~ MAI-ISM

Any bad action, not only makes us liable to a bad suffering, but inherently causes degeneration in the very Self of ours. By continued negligence or indulgence, our thoughts and desires run towards wicked pleasures, with a gradually increasing force, which, in the end, such a powerful-ness over us, that it becomes impossible for us, to change our life in spite of our strongest determination.

Any bad action again its different degree of degeneration, as its original cause. Some bad action might have taken place, only on account of certain unavoidable circumstances, or compulsion or fear. It may often be, you are not otherwise so bad, but there was some accidental outflow. It may sometime be, you were too lazy and indifferent, or too dull-headed, to stop or see the Badness of a bad action. All these are milder varieties; but a deliberate bad action maneuvered intellectually, cleverly, systematically and secretly, is one that is positive proof of your inherent badness and is most formidable and is unforgivable by Mother. Weakness may be tolerated but wickedness has to be annihilated.

~ MAI-ISM Note 713  / Author : Mai Swarup Mai Markand

Saint Mai Swarup Mai Markand