Mother often desires the fanciful pleasure of being the devotee’s daughter.

Mother says to the devotee,” I have been the worshipped and Mother for innumerable lives to thee. Now let me be the worshipper and the daughter to serve thee, after so many endless and indescribable miseries that you have suffered for me.”

She as daughter is the sitter in the lap of Her devotee at this stage.

This idea I got at the worshipping place of my most revered old friend Kaushikarambhai V Mehta.

When I went to him, he offered me with great love the best dish of almonds, sugar-candy etc. I would not eat though he repeatedly asked me to eat. The fact was that I do not eat or drink anything without dedication to Mother and I was too shy. My throat was chocked. In a piteous voice I sang two lines by way of an answer. ” Mother, tell me whether you are  Mother and I am son, or I am an old Father and you are my darling lovely daughter! ” Generally, whenever parents gets best dainties to eat, children’s remembrance stops the morsel going down the throat. It was this experience which made joyful and dancing and I said to myself, I have found the meaning of Shiva-kaameshvaraankasthaa.(शिवकामेश्वरांकास्था).

That Mother takes a fancy and delight to be the devotee’s daughter is not an inappropriate idea. It is only fools who always prefer to be the worshipped and never the worshippers.

There was a living instance in Bengal, the Blessed home of Mother Worship and the birth province of  Her Blessed son, Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

A devotee extremely poor once desired to celebrate Durga Pooja festival and went to fetch his daughter for the purpose from her husband’s house. The husband’s family was extremely rich and the members of the family drove out the devotee stating that he was a fool to expect that his daughter who was the queen of the family, which would be celebrating the festival gloriously with grand dinners, would be rolling half-starving at her father’s house.

The devotee returned and on the road journey wept under a tree at the first half of the journey. At the second half he found his daughter shouting out to him to stop. The daughter stated weeping that after his departure there was an exchange of harsh words and she was turned out to her father. The daughter said,” Father, do not worry. You have been old. My husband has given me immeasurable wealth. We shall live together and I will serve you for your life.” The father was still more miserable. Not only he was spurned but his daughter was turned out. The daughter served him shampooing and with most delicate love actually fondling old father- Durga Poojaa was celebrated with devotion gloriousness and lavish spending, in a manner which surprised the whole province. On the ninth night she sat in the devotee’s lap in full ecstasy and asked him,” father , tell me honestly, don’t you repent, having taken this idiosyncrasy of devotion to Mother.” The devotee said,” My darling, you are yet too young to have any idea of my love for Mother.”  Next morning the daughter was missing.

On inquiry it was learnt that his real daughter had not left her husband’s house.

Mother often desires the fanciful pleasure of being the devotee’s daughter.

She feels joy of sitting in his lap.

Reader, I am free with thee as we are soon to part, after a few pages.

Weep and weep out of love for Mother, if you are a devotee. If you are a heartless learned one , laugh at my folly of wasting my breath in wilderness. Mother has been given Her right status by few devotees. Most of the devotees have understood Her to be stern and awful. Some have exploited Her Grace and Mercy. Very few have loved Mother as Mother. But here the love has been of such an immeasurable intensity that unlike the most universal truth that the Mother fondles the child , the devotee fondles the old Mother, who has been neglected and discarded  by the ungrateful universe.

In love when there is monotony due to the climax of loving in a particular relationship, there is still greater pleasure in inverting the relationship, just as when you have read a book for times without number, you like to read it from last chapter to the first. It is this idea which gives clue to the inversion of the letters of a Mantra.

It is higher than the highest stage of natural love. The natural relationship is one of the schools of the devotees is for woman devotee to consider herself as beloved of Lord Krishna, and some male devotees too as in the Raadhaa-Vallabha school , consider themselves to be Gopis i.e., the beloved of Lord Krishna. On the above lines there is higher than the highest, and it is when the devotee considers God as his beloved.

~ Extract from the book: Mother and Mother’s Thousand Names (Edition: 1939) 

Author: Mai Swarup Mai Markand

Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai 400054 India


This is how the Founder Markand started new Maiism movement in 1932


The most important incident wherefrom the history of Mai movement starts took place in the latter months of 1931 (September and October ) in Poona (India).

The wife of Founder’s  college friend and boss (Late Revered Sister Taraben Soparkar) was on death-bed suffering from Septicemia. The friend    (Mr. Soparkar) got the Founder (Markand R. Dholakia) transferred from Ahmedabad to Poona to help in the calamity.

The wife was lying upstairs. She said to her husband, I am hearing the Mantra repetitions from some Matajee’s devotee. I am on death-bed so please find him out round about our bungalow streets and let me have his Darshan”. The friend (Mr. Soparkar) took the Founder (Markand) and went round in search and assured her that there was none: “Not only I but even ‘Dholkia Kaka’ accompanied me for the search”.

She exclaimed, “What has he come? It must be then he. Please call him up”. She repeated the same shloka of Sapta Shati सप्त शती fourth Adhyaya अध्याय  which the Founder was then repeating mentally unheard by anyone.

This shloka श्लोक was repeated by her to assure the Founder that he was a recognised devotee and that she was a worthy recipient of his Darshan and blessings.

A drawing professor was coaching the friend’s daughter. He inquired of the future of the lady from a Pandharpur saint. The saint foretold, that her days were finished but added, “There is, however, a saint ( Markand) in his house, out of courtesy to whom She is not being taken away. The day he leaves the bungalow. she would expire.” The friend ( Mr. Soparkar) enlightened by the first experience suspected that the saint in his bungalow was none other than the Founder ( Markand) and as he was the head of the department, kept him all hours confined to his bungalow by way of precaution. asking him to do his official work at that place.

On 3-October-1931, the case was entirely serious. Three eminent doctors declared she would die within an hour or so. The worst news was broken by the husband of his friend who tried to strengthen his courage to meet the calamity. The husband vociferated, “What a coward talk? I am sure, if you heartily pray, she will at least live longer and give me sufficient time to prepare for the worst.” The Founder had very little of confidence in the efficacy of his prayers for the most impossible change, but he had to follow him upstairs. He prayed with his whole heart and devotion standing near the pillow of the lady in midst of nearly twenty weeping relatives. The pulse, speech and vision had left the body. In prayer, the Founder’s tears fell in her mouth, the pulse speedily went up, vision and speech returned and the eyes opened. Her words were, “How can I like to leave this world leaving behind me the un-cared-for children? I see Mataji standing before me. She says if you fast for a day she will give me a week’s extension. Will you do not promise to do that for me?” The promise was given hand in hand and the improvement began with almost unimaginable speed. Just half an hour after, she asked for milk, fruit-juice etc. It was an unprecedented family joy.

Some believed, and some did not, in God’s hand in all these. But almost everyone including husband thought she was saved permanently. On the 7th day, the temperature, however, rose up from the morning. The husband was too shrewd to remain any longer under a delusion. The whole story looked true. She was to go that day. He had a hysteric fit from he was made to recover to composure after consolation by his friend. At 3 p.m., there was a phone from the Secretariat asking the husband to send certain confidential office files under lock and key. He could not possibly leave her. The Founder (Markand)  was given keys and the motor driver was ordered to drive fast and the Founder(Markand) was given strict orders not to waste a single minute in the office. On reaching the office, the head clerk informed him that the lady expired as soon as he has placed his feet outside the bungalow.

Here was a continued episode which baffled all human solutions. She was a great devotee of Matajee. She actually heard the Mantra which the Founder was simply mentally chanting. The prophecy of the Pandharpur saint and its fulfilment were wonders. She saw Mother and heard Her words. A fast of a particular devotee earned the Mother’s Grace of the boon of a week’s life extension. All these happenings began revolving in Founder’s mind, finally resulting in an overpowering sense of his ingratitude to Mother.

Said he (Markand), “Should I be simply living pleasure-dipped and fully ungrateful to my Mother? She has so often protected me all along and shown Herself to me and I have not breathed a single syllable into the world about Her mercifulness and Her dying for Her devotees. This one idea drove off all other ideas, even those required to sustain himself in daily routine. He (Markand) became semi-lunatic, weeping day and night and beat his forehead, sometimes against walls rolling on the ground and saying only one thing, I am a wretch, most ungrateful creature, Even such a simple thing glorification of Thyself, I have not done.”

He(Markand) had to go on a long leave. Doctors consulted diagnosed that he had no disease whatever. He had divine madness. The best medicine was constant talk about Mother and Mother’s occupation within his hearing and seeing. This was a furnace period, during which there was a wholesale drastic change, in the Founder’s religious outlook. All the pride of Hindu-ism, Vedas, Brahmins (he himself being a Nagar the highest Brahmin in Gujerat) and the belittling of other religions evaporated. Strangely and wonderfully, Mother finally commanded him to install Her as Mai The Universal Divine Mother.

“God as Mother, Mother of all, propitiable with universal love, service, devotion and unconditional cheerful self-surrender”. These six words and expressions he would often hear in the air and would read written on walls and on the ceiling between joist-gaps and on closed doors and windows. He pleaded his full unworthiness to such an innovation. The more he tried to evade, the more did Mother sit on his heart and head till the sweet talk became artificially embittered and wrathful. “What do you prefer? Installing me as Mai with the dictated six tenets or life-long present semi-lunacy?

The Founder (Markand) finally gave the promise to Mother and so to say escaped, on giving a promise, in order to avert semi-lunacy. His recovery was marvellously quick after promise and he returned to Poona (Pune) and rejoined his service. He had a world of reminders from Mother almost every week. But he was too conscious of the crushing responsibility, to so easily yield. He went on procrastinating.

Two persons one in Calcutta and the other in Mysore (Shimoga) were given the command in dreams to go over to the city of Poona (Pune) and deliver Her Message of Installing Mother.

The Calcutta message-bearer came over to Poona (Pune). Finding no place in any other hotel, he had come over to the hotel where Founder resided. With great despondency as how to find the man in such a largely unknown city, he fell into sleep at 10 p.m. He had a dream; “Don’t be an afraid and losing heart. I have brought you to the man. Just at twelve midnight, you see things through the slit of the common door between your room and the front room. You have to hand over the message to the man there in the morning. Make a bold statement”. The man saw the Founder at the said hour in communion, full of solicitations to Mother,” To find some other man to install etc.” In the morning he delivered the message and left.

The Mysore devotee who carried the message happened to come to the hotel as a casual visitor. The Founder by chance went to the dining floor at the time the man was dining. As soon as that man saw the Founder returning to his place, he suddenly left his half-meal and ran after the Founder. Most abruptly he talked, “Are you a devotee of Devi ?” Founder also made no delay: “Yes, not only a devotee but a passionate, most uneasy devotee”. Still, most abruptly the man said,” I come from Mysore. I have a message to hand over to you from Mother.” The Founder got dumb-founded. “Yes please come to my room. The man followed: the message was communicated. Said the man,” I have come so far. Would you not favour me with the spark of Love for Mother? I have enough of divine knowledge for my purpose (this was only his modesty). Said the Founder,” Are you prepared? Would you sit with me on the bench of the Sheikh Sulla bridge during night hours ?” He agreed.

The Founder (Markand)  was sitting with him from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. on a wooden bench. The man went to his place. He was at the highest pitch of desire that he may have a vision of Mother at least in a dream. He had a dream in the sleeping. Mother appeared and said, “You are now longing for my Darshan. Who was talking to you for hours on the bridge? That was me. You have not only seen me but talked to me”. The man narrated the event to the Founder at early dawn.

Two persons coming down for only the purpose of delivering the message was something too great to be taken lightly. That put the Founder to an indescribable shame about his obstinacy and suspiciousness. Said he with a sigh,” I am sure a man without faith. I have a faith in reality what I have seen and heard, but I have no faith in Mother making me fully fitted for the uphill unique task”. He was extremely nervous and terribly afraid of how people would consider his actions and of their defaming him by attributing highest impudence, hypocrisy and blasphemy.

He decided to be tricky with Mother and to get to Her agree to let her fad go once for all, but he could not succeed. On the hand Mother directly repeated Her treat, “Tell me in one word once for all, what do you prefer – Installation or lunacy ?”

The Founder (Markand) had no go and with a sorrowful laughter he set down to stipulate terms with Mother, as he had done before when he had begun a hundred repetitions of Saptashati. He (Markand) made a Sankalpa ( a resolution ) pouring sacred water offering to the Mother, ” If there is an entirely new building of which the first in-dweller is myself, if I enter it on a Friday, if by evening there is a dazzling light, if there is a basket of ‘mithai’ and fruits received that day, if three girls and two men knock my door at 9.30 p.m., if they press me to install Thee,   if at 10 p.m., I find Mother’s picture in any shop, if at 11 p.m., I find some shop open wherefrom I can purchase worshipping materials and lastly if at 11.30 p.m.. some ‘Mali’ (garland hawker) brings me a most beautiful garland befitting Thee and the occasion, then I shall not hesitate and I shall not fail to Install Thee and declare Thee and Thy Religion.

Each and every condition was so very wonderfully and admirably fulfilled. He was getting surer and surer as one condition after another came up attaining fulfilment and when finally a hawker shouted out “Har Har’ (Garland, Garland), he burst into tears on hearing that shout. He began to beat his breast and forehead. “Mother, Thou hast finally caught me. Could you not find any other man, who is more worthy than me? “The five persons consoled him with the sweetest words, “She would do Her own work. Who is more blessed than yourself? Why should you loose heart and courage? Where is the question of your worthiness or unworthiness, at all sirs, when She Herself has chosen you?”

Mother was installed at 12 midnight on 2-9-1932. Said he to all that had gathered, ” From today, I am a Mai-ist, from today my religion is ‘ God as Mother, Mother of all, propitiable on living the life of universal love and service, with devotion and unconditional cheerful self-surrender’. Krishna, Mohammad, Christ, Jarthost, Buddha and every Founder of any religion is my Mother’s (Mai’s) illustrious son. From now, Bible, or Koran is as venerable and worshippable to me as Geeta. A Mohammedan lady will find the same shelter in my home as a Hindu lady under communal riot (This actually happened).

I will continue to pray God as I have prayed till now, whether in a Hindu Mandir, or a Mohammedan Masjid or a Christian Church or a Zoroastrian Agiari or an Israelite Synagogue. No more religious differences; the devotion of Mother is necessarily the devotion of Mother’s Children. I am a changed religious man from this moment.” Said the Founder,” I install Mai today. I declare Mai-ism today. Let it be to known to one and all of my friends. Let the world if so minded now commence the work of ridiculing, defaming, censuring, suppressing, harassing and crushing me and the Mai movement.”

News spread around. The nearest people were Theosophists and Harijans. Some educated Harijans had the most reverential regard for the Founder, the man who was Love and Mercy himself with an innocent childlikeness and who was happily blessed with the most intense devotion. People began calling him “Second Ramakrishna”, ‘Mother’s child’, ‘Mother’, or ‘Mataji’.

~ Extract from the book : ABRIDGED MAI-ISM 

Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai 400054 India.

Create the amplest leisure of time by withdrawing yourself from so many useless physical and mental activities.


If you want real peace of mind, true understanding and overflows of devotion, confine your body in a particular place, your tongue in a mouth and your eye-pupils within their eye-lids, as far as you can. Then alone you can have an introspection, self-control and true understanding of Divine wisdom and supernatural powers to afford relief to others, as curing illnesses, etc.

The worldly man raises his cry, calling it impossible, but if he sympathizes with the said teaching, and decide to abide by it, he will find that he is gradually able to throw off more than three fourth of the mental and physical burden he is daily carrying.

That is the first lesson which Mai Swarupa gives to them that come to him. First, create the amplest leisure of time by withdrawing yourself from so many useless physical and mental activities. Next, preserve your sexual energy. Third thing, see that you establish a saintly contact. Contact with God and Guru. If nothing can be done, see that you are for the maximum hours in a  day, in presence of one superior to you in any realm, religious, social or even a professional. What pinches a man in carrying out this rule is that in contact with his inferiors, he is a master and worshipped whereas with superiors, he has to be a servant and a worshipper.

The Founder says, “As a matter of fact, the attainment of true religiosity is based on just the contradictory qualities for a truly worldly man, and therefore it is, that nothing higher than a mere hypo-critic pretended religiosity is only possible. “Humanity, gratefulness, forgiving, pleasure of giving, truthfulness, mercifulness, etc. – these are the very first foundations of true Religiosity.

How can an average modern  man, with swollen headedness that values his ” I ”  at a hundredfold value  of its real worth, with a selfishness that requires the whole circle of people around him to serve him, with a greed and hard heartlessness  of snatching away the last thing he can from others, with an ungratefulness resulting from ” whatever is done for him is  much less”,  with a perverted mind with boasts of its intellect of befooling  others with false stories  and pretexts, and which his ” Self ” too great for ant the smallest offence (?)to be forgiven, master even the first lessons of true religiosity ??

That lot is alright for being stamped as ” Religious “, on their doing some external things or pleasing some of its certifiers. The initiate’s outlook has first to be changed and his delusion and wrong values, his perversions, false definitions, have to be effaced and wiped out. First thing is, you must have a conviction, you are on wrong and defective lines or there is a need for improvement. Then alone can come the thinking out of a remedy, then, an application and an effort and repetition of effort, and then alone the mending matters and then success.

~ Extract from the book: MAI-ISM

Author: Mai Swarup Mai Markand 

Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West Mumbai 400054 India


The following psychic laws should be well understood and practiced

In connection with whatever has been most wisely ordained, by the wisest of the Hindu sages, the following psychic laws should be well understood and practiced:

  1. What you associate with, that you begin to love. 2. What you love, that you meditate on. 3. What you meditate on, that you become. 4. What you take in, that takes you in. 5. As is the food-stuff, so is the brain-stuff. 6. The quality of the food influences the mind physically, morally and spiritually. 7. Unless one exerts one-self to keep up, one goes down. 8. Once you go down, your tendency towards going down increases and your outer and inner forces which would protect you against going down, diminish. 9. The natural result of association is equalization; the higher losing and the lower gaining. 10 The results of a certain meritorious action are manifested in the same field, in which the actions are sown. practising religion to be materially rich, is in itself a paradox.  Any person with the said motive, may rightly be said to be resorting to religion, but not practising religion. One can be rich by resorting to religion, but he is not then practising it.


Aspirants (Mumukshus) should associate, as far as possible, with them alone, that are spiritually superior. Every hour, that they have to pass with inferiors, should be felt as a distinct tangible loss. The very first door for degeneration souls begins with inferior association;


Next follows, falling a prey to the honor, flattery, assistance, and remuneration in some form, that is received.

Next comes in, the loss of discrimination and self-delusion, which results in the wiping away of the notions about subtle differences and understandings, actions and reactions, forces and effects, etc. Then follows, falsely crowning evil, with the laurels due to goodness, and justifying bad conduct with hypocrisy.

Lastly follows, merry-making in the name of religious tolerance, shamelessness under the name of plain-spokenness and public living, and finally follows, some entanglement somewhere, with woman, wine and wealth.

Extract from the book: Mother and Mother’s Thousand Names 

Name No. 672 of Mai Sahasranam (Mother’s Thousand Names)

Author: Mai Swarup Mai Markand

Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai 400054 India.

The greatest service we can render to the dying man is ……


Death is a vicious circle—the dying, the dead as well as the bereaved all stand in great need of moral support and spiritual succour when the inevitable happens.

The dying man, especially if he is bed-ridden, experiences horrible fears of the throes of death and the tortures of hell that may follow, and worst of all, the anguishing thought that he will have to necessarily leave this world, parting from all his loved ones and precious possessions and go away all alone. Family members, friends and well-wishers can alleviate all these sufferings considerably by trying to direct the dying man’s mind towards God, and trying to repose faith in him that the Lord never abandons His devotees. Chanting the Mahā Mrtyunjaya Mantra महामृत्युंजय मन्त्र  can sometimes help the sick person to recover.

What is needed is absolute faith in the potency of the Divine name.

Chanting Vişņu Sahasranāma विष्णु सहस्रनाम , the Bhagavadgitā भगवत गीता  and similar Hari Stutis हरि स्तुती are very beneficial for a dying man. Yama, the lord of death himself reiterates in Srīmad Bhāgavata, श्रीमद् भागवत , विष्णुपुराण  Vişnupurāna etc., that he has no sway over a devotee whose tongue utters the name of Hari हरि , whose hands and feet bow to Sri Hari श्रीहरि , or whose heart is full of the remembrance of Hari हरि. Even if the dying man is in a state of coma, his inner ear will be registering the soothing sounds, thereby helping him to remember the Lord when he casts his mortal coil behind. Such a person reaches the Lord’s lotus feet without having to enter hell. Thus creating an atmosphere of love, concern, reassurance and spiritual support is the greatest service we can render to the dying man.

When a man dies only his body perishes, but his subtle body or mind (Linga Sarīra),which is a reservoir of all his desires, Vāsanās, Karmas etc., is still active, thereby waiting to take on another physical body to work out as much of this stock as possible in its next birth. The survivors should never forget this fact.

~ Extract from the Magazine : Kalyan Kalpataru, October 2010, Volume 56 – No. 1, Dr. Uma Sangameswaram’s article ” To Serve with Love: The Dying, the Dead and the Bereaved.”

Many Thanks to Kalyan Kalaptaru , Gita Press , Gorakhpur and  the author of the said article Dr. Dr. Uma Sangameswaram


Universal Divine Mother Mai

MAI principally means God as Universal Mother, Universal Father, Universal Mother-Father or Universal Father-Mother of one and all human beings, one creatress or creator of all created beings or things, who is most pleased and showers peace, prosperity, health, wealth, joy and happiness on them that have been living the life of universal love and service to God’s all children, and of devotion and unconditional cheerful self-surrender to the Divine Will of the Final-most God of any conception that any one accepts.

Any idol or image, symbol or emblem, picture or the sacrificial altar or any object, installed anywhere, either in a Church or a Temple or a Mosque or a Synagogue and worshipped by any people in any manner and any mode they decide, with any gospel or scriptures they prefer but based on the conception that it represents Universal God, whether Mother or even Father or Jointly as Mother & Father etc., easily propitiable on living the life on the lines of the above-sated tenets by itself, is MAI or the Universal Mother.


Mai is the finalmost name for, God of Religiosity, Self of Humanity, Soul of the Highest Knowledge and Bliss, Spirit of all the Highest Powers with which the whole universe is governed and worked and adjusted, Truth of all the Subtlest Philosophies and Consciousness of the Highest Spiritual Communion and Union-practising Unionists (Yogis).

Mother is called “ Mai”. She has no other name by delimitation, and the name “ Mai”, is appropriate not only as the Hindi word for mother, but because repetition of Her sacred name gives the most efficacious mystic word “AIM”. On repetition, “Mai, Mai, Mai,” becomes “ Aim, Aim, Aim,” and vice versa “AIM” Mantra (sanctified sound) is as sacred as Aum. That the efficacy of even “Aum” is ultimately connects with the meditation of Mother, can be seen from the word itself. Re-writing infinitely without a break “Aum Aum Aum,” becomes “Umaa, Umaa, Umaa,” which is well-known Hindu name of one of the manifestations of Mother (Desire, Energy and Creative Power).

Any other select name of denomination in lieu of Mai of Mai-ism as one’s own personal beloved God or accepted-lived-and adhered to religion, is quite an equally welcome and acceptable substitute, or substitution.

Mother’s Lodge is an institute of members, sisters and brothers, whose very first religious belief is that we are, one and all, children of the same Almighty God, conceived as Mother. Mother is, of course, sexless and is same as Father. The difference is not in the name and sex but in the working psychology, enabling one to achieve the spiritual goal.

Mother’s Lodge is for the propitiation of God Almighty conceived as Mother. Mother is second to none and without cause or comparable. Not the World Mother, not Shakti or Power personified, with a separate controller, not the Handmaid of God; not Father’s wife; not Māyā or Illusion Maker, not the Misery Creator; not the Black Magician’s Deity; not one of the five gods of Hindu worship ; not Mother Kāli and not Mother Mary, Not the worshipped of the wayward Vāmāchūris; neither the Goddess of demons nor the Slayer of demons.

Mother has, no doubt, all aspects as above, but these aspects are only as waves in the ocean of Mother.

Mother is essentially the Ocean of infinite love and mercy. She, Mother Mai, is one’s human mother raised to power of infinity, to Godhood. Nothing less than God of all nations, all religions, all humanity, but conceived as Mother (to Her children). The very God whom the greater part of world has worshipped till now as Father.

Mother has no name and no form, which means from another view-point that Her names and forms are infinite.

Some of the conceptions about Mother which are also infinite are as under :

  1. Mother that resides in every living being and manifests in cases of pure and saintly souls as Inner Voice, or is known in common parlance as, Consciousness, instinct, Conscience, or inspiration.
  2. Mother that is the Creator, Nourisher and Destroyer of universes.

In addition to these three well-known functions of creation, nourishment and destruction, Mother has two more functions as the ordainer of evolution and involution or of differentiation and dissolution. It is this aspect of Mother which maintains Equilibrium of the Universes, with wonderful adjustments.

  1. Mother that is the Power which holds universes and individuals in Her Grasp, acting mainly through three aspects of Desire, Knowledge and Action. Individuals and universes are handled as mere playthings by Mother, mainly by these three powers, as also by Satwa, Rajas and Tamas (equilibrium, action and inertia.)
  2. Mother that has the visible forms of Fire, Sun, Moon, or Dawn, with their respective physical, moral, mental, emotional and spiritual influences.

The Dawn, the Mother of the physical Sun that nourishes the world, from whose womb, the Sun the Greatest Illuminator, takes His birth from day to day, and the Full Moon, the Greatest Joy Creator, are three most important forms for Mother worship. The first and second in daily worship are mainly for celebate boys and girls and the third in monthly worship is mainly for unmarried and married pairs. The fourth the Sacrificial Fire, the all-sins-consumer and all impurities incinerator is for invoking Mai’s Special Grace.

  1. Mother that is the Soul and unmanifested Cause of whatever enraptures us, through the outer garb of Sublimity, Beauty, Mercy and Compassion, and the Progenitor of well-doing, well-wishing, and love in general.
  2. Mother that is approachable and contemplatable through the Idol, Image or Picture that has been sanctified and consecrated through Installation, Mantra repetition, Worship, Meditation Concentration and Communion by the devotees of the Mother Māi.
  3. Mother that assumes Her Subtle Body on concentrated appeal through the Sacred Word formula (Mantra) that on sufficient repetition carries with it, the materialising, spiritualising and transmuting powers.

8 Mother that is identified with the Temple and the Church, the Scripture, or Sacrificial etc., apparently inanimate but fully animating Entities.

  1. Mother in the temporary form which takes to appease Her devotees, or in the form in wh She manifests Herself from the Sacrificial Fire to grant boons.
  2. Mother that works through the Guru or the spiritual Guide and Master, for the Lotus Feet Refuge seekers, as also through an assemblage of such Gurus.
  3. Mother that is formless and beyond where our highest intellect, imagination, reasoning and knowledge fails to go any further.
  4. Mother that is known in the common parlance as Nature, Divine Law or Providence. Fate, Time, Primal Desire, Force, Evolution or Chance.
  5. Mother that so arranges matters as suits Her Desire and Determination to carry every soul through experience, initiation, meditation, self-forgetfulness, identification and realisation with a view to pull every soul to Herself, i.e., towards the Salvation.
  6. Mother that resides in individual bodies as the Serpentine Power Kundalini, Mother that is realised on absorption and Mother that is experienced as one and one alone, or as one and all, by the soul in its free-est state, when detached from everything except itself.
  7. Mother that is conceived as the one universal consciousness, soul or cosmos, like the continuous string passing through all the Rosary-beads and subjecting everyone to the slightest influence any where in the whole.
  8. Mother that is experienced or known by existence or non-existence, joyfulness or joylessness, Omniscience or Nescience, and Mother that is the soul of all sportivity, bliss and beneficence. Mother that is incomprehensible and cannot be seen Of shown to be either existent or non-existent.
  9. Mother that is any this and yet not any- this. Mother that is one, few, many, and all, as She desires to be known to or seen by a particular soul, being beyond all description and comprehension.
  10. Mother that is powerful to do, undo, and undo or do any thing in the most wonderfully never-imagined manner.
  11. Mother that is beyond the conditioned state of being She, He or It.
  12. Mother that is all and not All.
  13. Mother that is beyond the restriction of being Personal or Impersonal and beyond the limitation of being with or without forms or qualities.

I bow down to the Sportive Mother, the supporter of the universe, the ruler of creation, preservation and reconstruction. I prostrate myself to Mother (Mai) as bright and cool, as illuminating and buoyancy-creating, as millions of rising suns and moons, I kneel to Mother armed with Lotus, Boon, Goad and the Banner.


~ Saint Mai Swarup Mai Markand