A PDF file of the book Abridged Maiism for free download

A PDF file of the book Abridged Maiism

Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai

Extracts from Saint Mai Swarup Mai Markland’s letter dated 13 April 1959 to Mai-Shishu

U. G. Menon :-

Mai-ism is such a voluminous book that everyone would be tired. So I wish to repeat to you the trick I have mentioned in Mai-ism. Divide any large work in small pieces in your mind and keep before your mind only one piece after another, say chapter by chapter.

Go through Mai-ism chapter by chapter and underline…..Try to minimize….. if reduced to a third or so I would print it as abridged Mai-ism.

From your English abridged Mai-ism get its translation…..

The English abridged Mai-ism may by Mai’s Grace see the light of the world.

~ Mai Swarup Mai Markand

A free downloadable PDF file of the Abridged Mai-ism book :



Mai bless the whole universe with the most righteous understanding and living


Oh, God, whatever I appear to have done is done by Thee. Thou art my prompter in whatever I do good or bad. I know nothing and I have to do nothing and I am responsible for nothing. I am nothing. It is Thy Will that Thou art using me to fulfil. The whole universe is only Thy sport, unfold or fold it up, unwind or wind it up as Thou wilt. What is that to me and how am I concerned? You do whatever you like with Thy universe and Thy progress and Thy sports. What is that to me? Do as Thou likest. Do not place any burdens on me. Leave me alone, to be only remembering and repeating Thy sacred and most blessed name, at my own sweet will.” “Jaya Mai Jaya Markand Mai”. Here the love and faith and complete self-surrender do the miraculous work.

Mai bless the whole universe with the most righteous understanding and living, with universal religiosity, full of love, service, devotion and unconditional cheerful self-surrender; Mai bless the whole humanity with the highest stage of revived spirituality that would shatter the thickest and darkest clouds of rank materialism, selfishness, ignorance, evil and perverted intellect of vast wickedness.

~ Extract from the book: Maiism Chart Explanation   

Author: Mai Swarup Mai Markand 

Mai Niwas Saraswati Road End Santa Cruz West Mumbai 400054 India.

Universal God can have no particular name, mythology and tradition.


Universal God can have no particular name, mythology and tradition. For the grace of the Universal God, one has to be the possessor of a mind and heart, from which everything is erased & effaced and wiped out except the irreducible minimum of the fewest truths.
These are :
(1) God is the Creator, Nourisher and Destroyer or Refashioner of universes.
(2) God is the God of Love and Mercy for every being, animate or inanimate, of the creation.
(3) God loves, with individual attention, every one of the creation.
(4) God does require everyone of the creation to love Him.
(5) God does require every one of the creation to love, as far as it can, all other beings of the creation.
(6) God does require every one of the creation to be the most congenial element of this creation and an individual being that has been most obediently working out His Divine Will.
All the rest is mostly riff-raff. The grace of a Personal God is more easily attainable than the Impersonal God. In consonance with the above principles, the tenets of Mai-ism evolve themselves to be (1) Love All (2) Serve All (3) Devote yourself to your God and (4) with Unconditional Cheerful Self-Surrender. This can be done either directly or along with and as a part of one’s own individual religion. Mai-ism so often states hammering-ly, that it is not confined to God as Mother alone and Mai-ism does include the Fatherhood of God. However, if the object in view of any religion is peace and happiness, Mai-ism gives priority to the relationship of God and man as mother and child and to the belief and the outlook of considering the whole humanity as one universal family.

Extract from the book: Mai-ism Chart Explanation – 1965

Author : Mai Swarup Mai Markand

Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai 400054 India. 

There should be absolutely no feeling of drooping, on seeing the contrast of the mountain of work


First, having the maximum, Guru’s Grace and Mother’s Mercy, start your “Sadhana”. Two Divine Truths must be constantly before your mind :

(A) Unlike worldly efforts, nothing done here is without its permanent benefit, in spite of seeming failure; because you are busy with bettering your instruments, which are ever with you, to be more efficient, not only for the whole life but for lives after lives, if you believe in rebirths.

(B) There should be absolutely no feeling of drooping, on seeing the contrast of the mountain of work (talked over) to be done to reach the end and your ant’s working capacity. An ant or an elephant, the mightiest army or deserted individual, one and all, are under the kindliest care and observation of Mother and She gives the most handsome return for an ant’s or elephant’s exertion. Where is any ground for despondency, whether an ant or elephant, it gets much better and happier by resorting to “Saadhanaa”??Mother is “AABRAHMA-KEETA-JANANI” (Mother of all, from the lowest worm to Brahma, the creator of the World).

You have to pass between two opposites. You feel the task is impossible, on the one hand; on the other, you can not succeed unless you have a faith, that you are sure to achieve it. You are drooping at the idea of your inability, and you must have the strength of will, to say that nothing is too great for you. The consciousness about your weakness does not permit you to exert yourself, at your maximum possible best. Unless you have that conviction you can’t succeed.

It is here that the faith of God and Guru comes in. You say to yourself,”An impossible thing is impossible so long as I have to do it”. ” As soon as you believe ” Mother will do the work for me ” and that your part therein is only the determination, strength, devotional intensity, single-mindedness, and ‘Do or die-exertion’ the task becomes easy, provided you have faith in your Guru and in God about His mercifulness and His wonderful powers of passing elephants through the hole of a needle.

The most encouraging scriptural tradition is that of a “Titavi” (a sea shorebird) and the ocean. The bird’s eggs were washed away by the ocean, who refused to return them. The “Titavi”, out of wrathfulness and out of her love to young ones, decided to fill up the ocean with the shore sand taken in the beak, till the eggs were returned. Which “Sadhana” can be more impossible than this? But even in such an impossible effort, with wisdom and devotion, there was a success. The highest sage Naarada, out of his love, as of a mother to her child, saw her devotion to Lord Krishna, talked over to Vishnu and Vishnu spirited up His “Garud” with the species’ pride (as a bird), and the ocean had to return the eggs to the “Titavi.”

It does not matter you be simple “titavi”. Some Narada the world Guru and the all’s welfares worried is always roaming in the search of afflicted, for giving relief. The world Guru talks to Vishnu (Mother) and Mother deputes some personal smaller Guru(Garud) to reach a certain modus operandi and to give a chalked out programme. Don’t forget one invisible and unbelievable truth. There is much quicker wireless telepathy and telephonic arrangement in the devotional world which bring the distant most and highest matters, in the nearest and closest linked-up connection.

In common life, we find, some persons are so mentally constituted, that if a single thing worth nothing is lost and if they are searching for the same they can’t turn their mind to any other thing, till the lost thing is found. Its worth is absolutely no consideration. The peculiar nature is the indicator of the faculty required for ‘Sadhana’ or vision or realisation of Godliness. DEHAM PATAYAMI KARYAM SADHAYAMI – देहं पतयामी कार्यं साधयामी ” ( I achieve my object or I throw away my body ).

~ Extract from the book: MAI-ISM 

Author: Mai Swarup Mai Markand

Mai Niwas Saraswati Road End Santa Cruz West Mumbai 400054 India

Nothing can be achieved, unless you die for it

Summarizing the whole religious situation, this book has been written with a view to give all important information about what Mai-movement is. What are the tenets of Mai-ism, what beliefs the Founder has been holding, what he has to suggest, how far his experiences have approached and mastered the Absolute Truth, how has he worked and tried to increase the religiosity of the world, etc?

In the first place, the Founder is strongly of opinion that the world, any nation, community, family or an individual cannot be happy without religion. Of course, the word “religion” has to be very widely interpreted in a much wider sense than what we have till now. It should not mean any individual religion, nor should even the belief in a God be an indispensable qualification of a religious man.

It should be enough if he loves and serves mankind with a universal mind. The belief of God’s existence may dawn later. A belief by itself is nothing unless it prompts and controls you to be acting best with your brothers and sisters, or rather Mother’s children.

Exemption from the belief of the existence is only a compromise and a concession. That there is an Invisible world, a life after death, a providential arrangement of Invisible helpers and help etc., that there is the final most Beneficent Divine Mother who helps guides and saves Her devotees – is the personal experience of the Founder which he has narrated. It is an experience which has come down to us since the world began, actually to so many blessed few, who have tried with that conviction to set the world straight. They have well-nigh succeeded. The process of regeneration and degeneration of the world is constantly at work, just as any house since the time it is constructed gets dirty from time to time and has to be cleared by efficient well wishing philanthropic able workers.

585. The Founder wants to make the first exterior form of a religion, to be as simple as can be acceptable by any beginner, so that, to start with, everyone has an admission at someone stage or another, and is not left to be groping in the dark. Subtleties may follow, as the aspirant shows his worth and solid progress. Like the primary education; whether you have an aptitude for study or not, whether you are dull or bright, whether you love mechanical, artistic, or scientific training, you must have been admitted into some school. It does not matter if the work in the primary class is simply eating sugar pills and gradually learning the counting of their number. Lower the depth from which you begin cement filling, surer is your foundation and safer is your whole costliest construction thereon.

The highest emphasis that the Founder has to lay upon is ” Nothing can be achieved or attained unless you die for it.” None can eat for you to satisfy your hunger. There he is a bit different from the usual routine mentality of hand-folded sitting. He says, prefer being worn out, to being rusted. Even a failure or a defeat is more glorious than the lukewarm deadness and inactivity, expecting others to do what you yourself can do. The Founder is not a pessimist or a fatalist. He is extremely optimistic and believer of Mother’s Grace which can overturn the whole working of the world, if She desires. But here too, there is the difference of belief and a reminding is necessary. God and Guru will help you. Without their Grace, you can not move an inch, but it is you who have to lay brick over brick to construct your own sheltering place.

The Founder is extremely hard on this point. Granting that it is God who does everything, and you too believe like that, even then, you are not to sit hand-folded.

Even if you are a worthless head clerk, and your boss works your things, he expects you to be busy at least making an appearance that you are helping him to work and remain in his presence.

While God is doing something for you, you must be in his waiting, and gratefully, and with a true humility which shows you are sorry at heart that you are putting Mother to trouble, because of your incapacity. “Work is worship”, the Founder says, ” You have to be active willing hands and feet and head and heart of God. ”

~ Extract from the book : MAI-ISM 

Author: Mai Swarup Mai Markand

Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West Mumbai 400054 India

A child is what some higher power makes it

How glad is a child when his mother gives him a new piece of cloth? If you ask him for it, he will refuse to give it and will say, “No, I won’t give it, Mamma has given it to me “. And he will hold the cloth tightly and watch, lest you should snatch it from him and as if his whole soul were in it. But a minute later, if he finds in your hand a toy not worth even a farthing, he will say,” Give me that, I will give you the cloth.” A moment later, perhaps, he will throw the toy away and run after a flower. He is attached to nothing.

What is the essence of this description?? A child is attached to nothing, therefore nothing is more valuable and nothing is less valuable. Values, if at any moment insisted upon, are not necessary values established in the world. A child is therefore so easy to be quietened because there is no opposing competition. On the other hand, the usual most temporary obstinacy is most forceful. But one does not know when that changes, because nothing has a permanent value with the child. Nothing is good and nothing is evil, nothing is permanently commendable and nothing is permanently repugnant. Rising a bit higher, nothing is child’s in the worldly sense and nothing is the child by itself. A child is what some higher power makes it. A child-like soul is a dry leaf that drifts itself to a scented or a stinking corner, as someone else desires and decides. He has no individuality, no aim and no object. He acts as it were by an instinct, which is too weak to have a permanent hold on him.

~ Extract from the book : MAI-ISM

Author: Mai Swarup Mai Markand

Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West , Mumbai 400054 India.




Where can peace and happiness be found?

Where can peace and happiness be found ?? The problem has been so often tackled and solved and again has got clouded and been lost and again tried and tackled anew, during the world’s eternity in the past. The human animal dives and daubs itself in the mud-pond of the world, being infatuated with its mirage-ful waters, gets sickened after some time, thinks of divinity, washes itself under the spiritual springs, gets again tempted to the mud pond; and the alternate stages of divinity and brutality go round, for eternity.

The word “brutal force” is again incomplete and misleading. Bless the day when the so-called brutal human world turns to be only an animal world. An animal has only an instinct. It does not go beyond the satisfaction of its little pleasure. A dog eats away your food, a cat sips away your milk, a goat chews away your plant and a donkey spoils your velvet carpet in the compound by rolling thereon. An ass enters any field as its own but leaves the field as soon as its hunger is finished. An animal knows only one thing – the immediate satisfaction of its hunger, though at any cost. But how little are we harassed, though in midst of them? What is their maximum demand, mischief and oppression?? Little or nothing, when compared with human beings.


Men are between deities and animals. They come down from being deity-like to be man-like. Their further stage of animal-like-ness is only quite a short passing phase. Just a stage of the few moments between one garment of yours and another, when you change them. Man immediately turns to be Satan-like after only counted moments of his animal-like-ness. Where can the whole development of Intellect and Will that he has passed through, while rising from the animal-ness to man-ness, go ?? He has receded two steps, only to take a much higher jump.

The satanic man speaks more wisely than deities themselves and acts more brutally than the animals themselves. The greatest masterpiece of his intellect is seen in the creation of perversions and delusions which keep the world in everlasting enslavement, ignorance and impenetrable darkness.

He spreads his thickest veil of blackness and casts his net to catch every fish that he can lay his hold on. He keeps on devising and executing plans and schemes that would keep the world spellbound and infatuated, and that would maintain his standing power over one and all, forever. More than three-fourths of this world is ruled by Satan and such Satan-like souls that look like merciful, straight and well-wishing benevolent deities.

Mother save Her surrendered sons from the clutches of Satanic souls !!

~ Extract from the book : MAI-ISM Author : MAI SWARUP MAI MARKAND