The following psychic laws should be well understood and practiced

In connection with whatever has been most wisely ordained, by the wisest of the Hindu sages, the following psychic laws should be well understood and practiced:

  1. What you associate with, that you begin to love. 2. What you love, that you meditate on. 3. What you meditate on, that you become. 4. What you take in, that takes you in. 5. As is the food-stuff, so is the brain-stuff. 6. The quality of the food influences the mind physically, morally and spiritually. 7. Unless one exerts one-self to keep up, one goes down. 8. Once you go down, your tendency towards going down increases and your outer and inner forces which would protect you against going down, diminish. 9. The natural result of association is equalization; the higher losing and the lower gaining. 10 The results of a certain meritorious action are manifested in the same field, in which the actions are sown. practising religion to be materially rich, is in itself a paradox.  Any person with the said motive, may rightly be said to be resorting to religion, but not practising religion. One can be rich by resorting to religion, but he is not then practising it.


Aspirants (Mumukshus) should associate, as far as possible, with them alone, that are spiritually superior. Every hour, that they have to pass with inferiors, should be felt as a distinct tangible loss. The very first door for degeneration souls begins with inferior association;


Next follows, falling a prey to the honor, flattery, assistance, and remuneration in some form, that is received.

Next comes in, the loss of discrimination and self-delusion, which results in the wiping away of the notions about subtle differences and understandings, actions and reactions, forces and effects, etc. Then follows, falsely crowning evil, with the laurels due to goodness, and justifying bad conduct with hypocrisy.

Lastly follows, merry-making in the name of religious tolerance, shamelessness under the name of plain-spokenness and public living, and finally follows, some entanglement somewhere, with woman, wine and wealth.

Extract from the book: Mother and Mother’s Thousand Names 

Name No. 672 of Mai Sahasranam (Mother’s Thousand Names)

Author: Mai Swarup Mai Markand

Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai 400054 India.