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All beings rest, in the Lord. But, the bodies are born, they live  and die, because they are transitory, while the soul undergoes no change. This soul has its identity with God, but when it assumes its identity with the body, by having a disinclination for God, it becomes conscious of its separate entity, as ‘I am a body’.

This ‘I’ ness consists of two fragments—the self, and non-self, or it is called the embodied soul. In this “I’ ness, the fragment of non-self, is naturally attracted towards nature. Having identity with a fragment of nature, the embodied soul, mistakes this attraction of nature towards Nature, as its own and thinks, ‘I should get riches, pleasures and worldly enjoyments.’

Thus, he has disinclination towards God, to a great extent. It accepts the body’s death, as its own. Actually this soul is an eternal portion of the Lord, but by having affinity with the world, it wants to enjoy worldly pleasures, and to maintain the body forever.

Actually, this desire is to remain with God forever because he has his real affinity with Him. However he (embodied soul) may identify himself, with the body, yet his affinity and attraction towards God, can neither vanish nor is there is any possibility of their vanishing. ‘I should ever live; I should ever be happy; I should attain supreme joy’-in this form, attraction for God, subsists in him. But he commits a blunder, that he wants to attain this supreme joy, through worldly objects. By an error, he has a desire for pleasure, which is transitory.

If he realizes the reality, that all worldly pleasures are perishable, and sources of pain, then his desire for them perishes, and his desire to attain eternal bliss is aroused. The more this desire, (want) is aroused, the more disinclination, a striver has for perishable objects etc. When he has a total disinclination , for them, he realizes that he has rested in the Lord, since time immemorial.

Extract from the book~ Sadhak Sanjivani, Srimad Bhagavatgita, Chapter 9 Verse 6

Author: Swami Ramsukhdas,

Gita Press, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, 273005 India.




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