Pray to your Mother like this-


“I have come to Thee, Mother. I have tried everything There is none to save me. There is no happiness anywhere except in Thy Lotus Feet. I have nothing in my character, no meritorious action, absolutely nothing which can please Thee. I have no possession to offer to Thee. I offer myself, as I am, to Thee. Accept me. I prostrate to Thee with my two hands and my unworthy head falling flat before Thee, with the hope of being saved through the Mercy of Thy Lotus Feet and Lotus Feet alone. Remove all the weakness, wickedness and blackness of my head and heart and the sinfulness of everything that goes to make me. Sublimate my blackness to add to the luster of Thy enchanting black hair.”.. .

Reader!! I have myself burst into tears when I write the above. What then to speak about the efficiency of this method ? A Mai-ist should not blunt the sharp edge of this extremely efficacious weapon with the dead routine observance of mechanically and automatically prostrating before any tonsure-headed, yellow-robed incognito. Many orthodox Hindus will call it a childishness of mine to extremely overvalue this simple process of prostration which they go | through so many times a day, but I bear testimony and go to the length of proclaiming this prostration method to be the simplest and most efficacious one of all methods in general vogue.

Practise this method twice daily and the day is not far when in the flat-fallen position, with tears in your eyes you would say “Mother !! Raise me if Thou desirest. For me to rise myself is impossible” and you would then begin to roll on the ground craving for the showers of Mother’s Mercy which will surely one day deluge you.

~ Extract from the book: PHALA SHRUTI  (Supplement Page No 62 and 63)  to MOTHER’S THOUSAND NAMES

Author : Mai Swarup Mai Markand 

Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz west, Mumbai 400054 India



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Non practising advocate ( Bar Council of Maharashtra ). Servant of God as Universal Divine Mother Mai & Saint Shri Mai Swarup Mai Markand ; follower of Universal Religion of Mai-ism, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai 400054, India.