The Motherhood of God


Though Brahman is beyond all attributes and mental concepts, to look upon Him as one’s own eternal Divine Mother is the easiest way open to man to reach perfection. The Mother is Peace Absolute in its dynamic aspect. She is the quiescence of Brahman expressing as infinite Sakti. In every expression of her energy, as infinite Sakti. In every expression of her energy, there is the silence of peace but it is a dynamic silence. The devotees of the Mother who have been blessed with Her grace, have known Her as the Absolute Being itself through attainment of identity with Her. Thus for them, the Mother is Brahman, the ultimate Godhead, with both aspects, quiescent and dynamic. By devout meditation on the Mother of supreme energy, you will become pure and peaceful, bereft of all human weaknesses. Swāmī Vivekānanda used to pray to the Mother, “O Mother, remove all my weaknesses and make me a man. Vouchsafe manliness to me.” The greatest advaitin, Acārya Sankara advocated worship of the Divine Mother for emancipation from Māyā. Śrī Rāmakrsna cling to Mother Kālī to demonstrate to the world the marvellous potencies and blessings contained in the worship of the Universal Mother.
The dedicated children of the Divine Mother are embodiments of tremendous spiritual energy. They are also heroes and heroines of renunciation and show their love for the Mother through dedicated actions. What a glorious possibility for perfection is contained in the worship of God as Mother! Transformation to Purity is accomplished without much of rigorous penance when you regard the
Supreme Being as the Mother and supplicate to Her for Her redemptive grace. The ego cannot bring about purification for its transformation. The Higher Power should manifest itself and annihilate the ego-sense. Propitiate the Mother with your entire devotion. Worship Her with the innocence of a child. Meditate on Her with the knowledge that She is identical with your Ātmā. Even after doing Sādhanā for a number of years, even after worshipping the Supreme Sakti regularly all these years, if you have not still undergone the internal transformation, there cannot be any reason other than the fact that you have not worshipped the Mother in the right way of faith and surrender. Basic to all worship, meditation and other forms of higher Sādhanā, should be your longing for securing the direct face-to-face vision of the Divine Mother. If there is no such longing how can you expect the transformation? Worship is not an act of mere external ritualism. It is a matter of heart’s longing and love. Meditation is not a dry process of contemplation. It is a devout absorption in God-thought.
Trust in the Mother’s saving grace. If sin is powerful in its destructive effect, then the saving grace of the Divine Mother is infinitely powerful capable of destroying the accumulated power of Himalayan sins. But dependence upon the Mother is essential. To look upon God as the Mother and consider oneself as the most helpless child, solely relying on the Mother’s grace, this is the attitude of surrender that invokes the Mother’s compassion. You may sit at the feet of the Guru all the twenty-four hours and remain under the Guru’s protecting wing of mercy, but that is not reliance on God. God-reliance is altogether a different thing. It is an attitude of the luminous mind, which is assured of the fact of divine immanence.

Sender-Deepak Patel

Extract from the magazine: Kalyan Kalptaru Volume 64 No. 4 Sree Rama Devi’s article.


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