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Mai devotees know how by Mai Maiji’s Grace late Taraben Soparkar obtained an extension of life by one week after three eminent doctors of Bombay and Pune had opined that she would die in one hour.

Here is another instance of extension of life by Grace, a case where, believe it or not, the extension was by over twenty one years, overriding an expert astrologer’s prediction that it would not live after 22-3-1971.

Sceptics would laugh and say they were not instances of Grace but evidence of wrong diagnosis and meaningless prediction, let me answer the cynical sceptics before I proceed.

In any profession be it of law, medicine, religion, science, music, literature, you name it, there are three classes; the expert, the mediocre and the also rans. The last two classes vastly outnumber the first and give the cynics materials to buttress their comments of dissent. True experts in any field cannot be ignored or condemned by such trivia.

I wish to introduce an expert astrologer. Early in November 1970,  B who happens to be my brother-in-law received by post from North India a letter from his close relation enclosing the planetary chart and other details of a friend of his, and asking B to get an expert astrologer’s opinion. S.P. of Calicut was an acknowledged giant in the field and therefore B took the paper to him.
After studying the papers for a few minutes the Nostradamus said in an outburst: “How tragic! The Subject lost his leg and perhaps a good job. He is likely to get a lower position. Am I right?” B could not say. He reported the findings of S.P. to his relation.

Back came the reply confirming all that the astrologer had said. The ‘subject’ was a major in the army, had lost his leg in an accident and was posted to do office work having regard to his past efficiency.

A few days later B happened to visit me and in the course of his talk related the strange experience with S.P. As ! had been told by two astrologers that my last day on earth would be on or before 22-3-1971, I immediately decided I would go to the prodigy at the earliest opportunity.

When I went to Calicut I had mapped out a plan of action. I did not go to S.P.’s house as I did not want to be recognized by any of his clients and my identity revealed. From a room I had rented in a nearby hotel I phoned S.P. and said I had taken room 9 in Hotel Imperial for the sole purpose of consulting him in confidence and would he kindly visit me on his terms. He promised to come 4 within half an hour and kept the word.

On S.P’s arrival I bade him sit and closing the door rather unceremoniously To thrust my wife’s horoscope into his hand and asked for the immediate future of the ‘subject’. Unhurriedly the man read through details in the horoscope and after fifteen minutes quietly asked:  “Is she quite normal now sir?” Dumbfounded at the words, I stared at him but kept mum. He continued in the same tone. “The reason I ask is find she must have been in a mental home recently and she was there on a former occasion also. If you deny it I had better think of throwing away my cowrie bag and seek other ways for a living”.

Amazed at his perspicacity, tried to trap him and asked. “Why mental home? Is not treatment at home possible? Does your text say mental home?” I thought the question would fluster him. But no. He took it in his stride and said “Not in the text. I made an intelligent though random shot from my knowledge of the human psyche. You appear to be intelligent, educated and well-to-do and I reckon that you would not have relied on home-treatment”.

As I did not want to continue the unpleasant subject, I congratulated him on his astuteness, took back the horoscope and gave him mine and asked him about the duration of my life. After studying it for some time he looked me straight in the face and said “Sorry sir, you have but a few months more to live. You will not live beyond 22-3-1971”.

The words sounded like a death sentence coming as they did from a man of such established ability. But hope springs eternal in the human breast as one port sang. With a show of courage, I was far from feeling I said “But Hora (an astrological text) says “Ayushkala Nischayitum na sakya (it is not possible to predict the life-span precisely), does it not?”

The great man, as I had begun to consider him, made a feeble smile to cover the wryness of his face and then chuckled as who should say, the mere earth-worm tries to hiss like a hooded cobra, and began to speak: “The line you quoted has often been misused. Its meaning is this. Planetary indications can be overcome by divine intervention or by Karma. Karma evidently means actions that please God. Planets themselves are creations of God and therefore subject to Divine command; so their effect must also be subservient to God.

In my fairly long experience I have had only one instance of my prediction going wrong. In that case the man did a curious thing. Four years before the predicted date of death he renounced everything and dedicated his whole life to the service of all, irrespective of religion or caste, particularly, the sickly, the indigent and the uneducable. He outlived the due date by fifteen years.” I thanked him, paid liberally and left.

Reaching home I began to brood over what S.P. had said. What sort of Karma could I do to please Mai Maiji? To renounce home was unthinkable. Simply out of fear of death I could not shirk my responsibility to others. What other Karma could I do to please Mai Maiji? For days together I prayed most fervently for guidance. Days and weeks passed.

Then about the middle of January 1971 I remembered MAIJI telling a devotee in 1964 that continual writing of the given Mantra would cure the illness. Another devotee was asked to write a postcard with nine writings of Jai Mai Jai Markand Mai every day for 18, 27 or 36 as circumstances warranted; each day the card should be posted.


The idea gave me some hope. What Mantra was I to write and how many times? I pitched upon the first Mantra MAIJI had granted me in a postcard in December 1957. How many times was the next question. I vowed that I would write it a lakh and eight times (Ashtotharilaksham).

It was the evening of 18th January. I had only 63 days left. It was humanly impossible to do the writing in such a short time. Nothing loth, several dozen notebooks were purchased and stocked. The next day 19-1-1971 was fixed as the D-day and I started in right earnest devoting five to six hours every day for writing the chosen Mantra. I would not stop when my back ached. When writer’s cramp came, I would be obliged to stop for a few minutes. On a rough calculation anybody could see that even if I devoted 15 hours a day for the purpose the target would not be reached. That did not upset me; I was doing something that was likely to please Mai Maiji. That thought, spurred me on.

There came an unexpected interruption. I was chosen as a delegate to represent Mai-ism at the world Parliament of Religions held at Sasthamkotta in Quilon district of Kerala in 1971 March-April. I had to read a paper on 22-3-1971 which was the deadline in my horoscope. I did not allow that to deter me in the least because I was doing Mai-ism work at the Parliament sessions. I left home on the 20th of March; I read my paper on 22-3-’71 and took leave of the sponsors and came away even though the Parliament had not concluded the sessions. I was writing the Mantra from the train and from the delegate’s room allotted to me.
I could complete the writing only in July even though I did not diminish my speed or time. Even after reaching the target I continued to write it 18 times every day and that is continued till this day.

I have lived twenty one years after the predicted span of life.

It is my firm belief that the whole thing was managed by Mai Maiji. B was sent to me with the news of S.P.’s weird findings about the army major’s loss of leg, to impress me with the need of doing certain things. I was made to take my wife’s horoscope to further impress me with S.P.’s gifts. If that talented man had not confirmed the opinion of previous astrologers, I would not have embarked upon Mantra-writing which was necessary to save me.

Again S.P. was compelled to say that Divine intervention could overrule planetary indications. There was a catena of circumstances, each one leading to another. I could see the sequence clearly and I am happy that I am saved.

All the notebooks containing the Mantra writings are placed in a box in the temple as an object of worship alongside the box containing the shoes, shirts, walking stick etc. used by MAIJI.

~ Extract from the booklet MAI MARG  dated 23 December2019




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