Gist of Gita teachings in its eighteenth chapter


The Karmayogi, however, who depends on Me, attains by My grace the eternal, imperishable state, even though performing all actions.  (56)

Mentally dedicating all your actions to Me, and taking recourse to Yoga in the form of even- mindedness, be solely devoted to Me and constantly fix your mind on Me.  (57)

With your mind thus devoted to Me, you shall, by My grace overcome all difficulties. But, if from self-conceit you do not care to listen to Me, you will be lost.  (58)

If, taking your stand on egotism, you think, I will not fight, vain is this resolve of yours nature will drive you to the act.    (59)

That action, too, which you are not willing to undertake through ignorance you will perforce perform, bound by your own duty born of your nature.  (60)

Arjuna, God abides in the heart of all creatures, causing them to revolve according to their Karma by His illusive power (Maya) as though mounted on a machine. (61)

Take refuge in Him alone with all your being, Arjuna. By His mere grace you will attain supreme peace and the eternal abode.   (62)

Thus, has this wisdom, more profound than all profundities, been imparted to you by Me; deeply pondering over it, now do as you like.    (63)

Hear, again, My supremely profound words, the most esoteric of all truths; as you are extremely dear to Me, therefore, I shall give you this salutary advice for your own good. (64)

Give your mind to Me, be devoted to Me, worship Me and bow to Me. Doing so, you will come to Me alone, I truly promise you; for, you are exceptionally dear to Me.   (65)

Resigning all your duties to Me, the all-powerful and all supporting Lord, take refuge in Me alone; I shall absolve you of all sins, worry not.    (66)

~ Extract from Shree Bhagavat Gita Eighteenth Chapter