A certain type of devilishness is a devilishness, so long as it does not become universal.


What a rotten and wicked world, our land of Saints and Rishis have turned to be !! Not only has the degree of meanness, vice and wickedness largely increased during the last thirty years, but that has practically contaminated the whole Indian world. Almost everyone, more or less, has been of the same degenerated mentality. The only difference is due to the rich or poor circumstances, standards and realms of roguery and jugglery. For the same degree of wickedness, the world becomes many times more miserable, when the world of ten wicked in a hundred, in one way and one field only, degenerates itself to be a world of ninety wicked and that in every way and in every field. This uniform downward degeneration is the most dangerous thing because the degradation on account of its uniformity is neither visible nor provable.

A certain type of devilishness is a devilishness, so long as it does not become universal. Later the very sense of devilishness vanishes. They that do not resort to it, get soon out of date and suffer and are resentfully effort-ed to be wiped out, being no longer required in the new society and satanic kingdom.


One way of judging degeneration is to observe how an average man acts with another, when he is in the highest or the lowest position, in favorable or unfavorable conditions, and with powerful-ness or powerlessness; how he acts in the exchanged positions, and to note the difference.

Just imagine the multiplier of misery, when almost everyone sets the highest value to everything of his own, and the lowest value to those of others, and when he is determined to have the maximum benefit and give the minimum return, in every possible way. It makes the world a living hell.

There is nothing like a market-value for anything and any work. The value thereof is what one can squeeze out. Details are contemptuously evaded. The price is for the satisfaction that a certain thing is ” after all ” done. Any work, however small, is pictured to be a Himalayan task and the need thereof a calamity, from which an ” angel ” saves the “distressed”. Creating imaginary scares and scarcities, dependence, helplessness, and monopolization is the nine-tenth part of any work or a business tact. Any money that falls in the hands (either as an advance or a loan or as in trust) is without the smallest conscience-prick utilized as money earned. On the top of the theoretical market-value, people want heavy remunerations, praise for character and spiritual merit, for not swindling, absconding and quarreling.

Some few people may remain contented in the poorest manner if they love peace and rest, most harmlessly. But how can they evade the very mental rottenness, all around them?? Take the smallest dealing, there is no straight working, and it is turned out to be the thin end of a wedge and exploited for possession-taking, mastery, spinning out, and pulling out.

Good harmless and non-resisting people are taught to be thanking their God every time they leave some dealing with others. If by chance someone shows some goodness, immediately a right is established. If that is not recognised, a quarrel is raised up. If he gives, that giving also must go up being greater and greater. The world makes him repent and condemn himself for the smallest atom of goodness that God has inflicted him with. The world does not leave him until the last lingering atom of goodness is annihilated.


The most unfortunate fact is that this is not a temporary war-madness-money-making mentality, but a cool-minded settled permanently accepted systematized greed, born of a wicked, irreligious and immoral mentality. It is very very difficult to hope, that it would change its downward course without a none-and-nothing sparing whip from the rulers or the Ruler.


Author: Mai Swarup Mai Markand


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Non practising advocate ( Bar Council of Maharashtra ). Servant of God as Universal Divine Mother Mai & Saint Shri Mai Swarup Mai Markand ; follower of Universal Religion of Mai-ism, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai 400054, India.