Universal God can have no particular name, mythology and tradition.


Universal God can have no particular name, mythology and tradition. For the grace of the Universal God, one has to be the possessor of a mind and heart, from which everything is erased & effaced and wiped out except the irreducible minimum of the fewest truths.
These are :
(1) God is the Creator, Nourisher and Destroyer or Refashioner of universes.
(2) God is the God of Love and Mercy for every being, animate or inanimate, of the creation.
(3) God loves, with individual attention, every one of the creation.
(4) God does require everyone of the creation to love Him.
(5) God does require every one of the creation to love, as far as it can, all other beings of the creation.
(6) God does require every one of the creation to be the most congenial element of this creation and an individual being that has been most obediently working out His Divine Will.
All the rest is mostly riff-raff. The grace of a Personal God is more easily attainable than the Impersonal God. In consonance with the above principles, the tenets of Mai-ism evolve themselves to be (1) Love All (2) Serve All (3) Devote yourself to your God and (4) with Unconditional Cheerful Self-Surrender. This can be done either directly or along with and as a part of one’s own individual religion. Mai-ism so often states hammering-ly, that it is not confined to God as Mother alone and Mai-ism does include the Fatherhood of God. However, if the object in view of any religion is peace and happiness, Mai-ism gives priority to the relationship of God and man as mother and child and to the belief and the outlook of considering the whole humanity as one universal family.

Extract from the book: Mai-ism Chart Explanation – 1965

Author : Mai Swarup Mai Markand

Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai 400054 India.