Bliss in Mai Niwas



‘ MAI NIWAS ‘ Mother Mai’s Mansion
Let this be always your journey’s destination

A humble structure to unknowing passers by
But they are sure to feel an aura alive

Evil thoughts and base desires to which humans are prone
Will find it difficult to enter this enchanted zone

Even the most wicked man with animal instincts
Will at the least become human within these precincts

Discard notions of colour, sex and religion
For in here you have no other identity , but as MAI MAIJI’S children

Fortunate are they who live in the vicinity
As they get to inhale air of such sanctity

This is an oasis where you can refresh yourself
When you are down and out in a world of power and pelf

Many are estranged couple on praying here
Have been recompensed with connubial bliss dear

Dire sinners have returned home with their hearts lightened
Tears of remorse shed and vows of abstinence strengthened

Youngsters have offered a heartfelt prayer
And have found their examination results more than fair

Devotees struggling to earn their daily bread
Slowly the path to riches have tread

Barren women have of MAI MAIJI begged
And with a bonny baby been duly blessed

People in financial ruin and going bankrupt
Have been saved from the brink to their joy un-corrupt

Those who crave the spiritual nectar
Have found it to be more than abundant here

But remember that your desire’s fructification
Depends on the intensity of prayer and your heart’s liquefaction

Your Prarabdha may sometimes not allow your desire’s actualization
But rest assured you will soon experience MAI MAIJI’S benign consolation

MAI NIWAS , Mother Mai’s Mansion
Let this always be your journey’s destination


Extract from the MAI MARG booklet No. 79 published and printed by Universal Maiism Trust, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai 400054 India.