All Maiists must remember that they have an obligation to spread the message of Mai-ism or Glory of Mai to as many people as they can. If not everyone, at least the near and dear ones and to those whom you come across and who are in need of help from the divine. This is the greatest service that any Maiist can do, i.e., spreading the Glory of Mother. Remember to introduce Mai as the other of the whole universe and that is why She is addressed as VISHWA MATA विश्वमाता  , VISHWAMAYI विश्वमयी & JAGAN MAYI जगन्मयी .

There is general apathy of sort, especially among the youth, when we deal with God and spirituality. When we taste a new ice cream flavour in the market, which taste out of this world or watch an interesting movie , which is a hit, don’t we share this information with our friends and relatives around? Similarly when we take our child to a Doctor, who is excellent in his diagnosis and prognosis, don’t we share this information to near and dear ones, so that they also enjoy the benefit of the new discovery.  Similarly, a mai-ist should be much above the selfish idea of eating one’s ice cream selfishly and seclusive. Maiji says he is a dog who selfishly keeps the highest truth, bliss and experience to himself. Remember that in any place, in any condition, at any time and to at any one, whoever talks about the Glory of Mother has been accumulating merit. So, spread the glory of Mai, in whose realm there is nothing that is unachievable. And Glorification of Mai, i.e. Punya Kirti, is the highest sin annihilators. Remember Mai is more pleased by the spared of Her Glory than self-evolution, even though desire-less and spiritual.

Please see how Saint Mai Swarup has described the meaning of the Mai’s name PUNYA KIRTI in his commentary of Mai Sahasranama hymn –



Punya-kirti पुण्यकीर्तिः  She whose glorification helps the amassment of merit. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 542

Several methods of acquiring merit (Punya पुण्य) are charity, suffering for others, fasting, undertaking ceremonial sacrifices, self-mortifying, self-denying, abstaining from enjoyments, serving others, controlling desires, going on pilgrimages, saints-serving, parents-serving, feeding the needy, providing constructional works to serve humanity, exerting oneself to serve society in its struggling to gain godliness, religiosity, etc., etc., etc.

It is Mother who creates and kindles the desire of amassing the merit. For them that have no means for the above and are of another mentality, the other avenue of gaining merit is through hearing of the greatness of Mother and discoursing and making others to hear. Although only two words of Shravana (hearing) and Kirtana  are mentioned here in this name, these two words are supposed to include all different measures as Lotus Feet service, worship, saint-companionship, self-surrendering, etc.,which go to form the mental attitude of devotion.

Punya-kirti पुण्यकीर्ति is glorification of Mother. This idea has not been well realised and is held at  a great discount compared with the other two avenues. We are generally of such a pigmy-like outlook that we have certain limited notions. A Kirtankaar कीर्तनकार means one who gives a particular discourse in a particular dress in a particular place in the meting of a particular class of people in a particular manner. This name Punyakirti should convey the idea in any place, in any condition, at any time and to any people whoever talks about the glory of Mother has been accumulating merit. This is true even while he is talking to a fellow passenger in a bus or when he is in a dancing hall.

Mother’s name does not require the sanction of any circumstances to make it creative of merit. Mother’s name and Mother’s glorification are by themselves the highest sin-annihilators.

Every Mother’s Lodge member, just the reverse of the old idea, should be much above the selfish idea of eating one’s sweet selfishly and seclusively.

Secrecy and seclusion of vices through which often Satan creeps in with the external appearance of godliness, sublimity, divinity, etc. Satan often fosters ignorance, immorality, imbecility, exclusive possessiveness, etc.

This name Punyakirti conveys a command. Glorify Mother. Spread and out-spread Mother’s Glory in all publicity.

Secrecy and seclusion should be avoided as far as possible in activities of true religiosity.

If scoundrels have succeeded in running away with wealth and women in the field of religion, it is mainly through the satanic weapons of secrecy and seclusion. He who is truely religious and dies without leaving his inheritance  or transferring his light and love  to some disciples  to the extent of latter’s receptivity, is a sinner, under Mai’s Ideal.  This spread of religiosity and  Mother’s Glory is Punya Kirti.