Miracles. No change after vision.


Once, after the usual Friday Mother’s Lodge worship was over, there had remained about 30 persons of the inner circle. Some of them strongly requested the Founder to show them some miraculous happening which would increase their faith regarding the existence of Mother and Her readiness to carry out the wishes of Her devotees. It was at that most sacred place that, a year before, the Founder was discoursing on Mother’s names and dealing with the name “Suvasinyarchana Preeta” सुवासिन्यर्चनप्रीता  , and there was a strongly powerful breeze of the most fragrant smell. It was so very pleasant that every one began to ask others, “Do you feel the most pleasant fragrance?” “This is how Mai wants to assure us about Her love to Her son, and the truthfulness of what he preaches.” The sermon by the Founder stopped awhile. Just then, some ladies who had gone to some marriage parties had joined. Some one got a suspicion if it was not those ladies that brought with them this wonderful smell through strong scents from there. Inquiry was made of them and the suspicion was found to be baseless and imaginary. This former experience being talked over again gave a strength to the desire of all present there, to make the request more pressing. The Founder asked, “What do you want to see?”. Some said, “We wish to see that Mother gives Her garland to you.” The Founder prayed for a few minutes standing before Mother at a respectful distance. The garland gradually untied itself, flew in the air, and fell on the neck of the Founder.

All were thunderstruck, because a mere belief is after all an imaginary thing, what people actually see with their own eyes is most convincing. Some began to applaud the event and stated, “Till now we had only heard and read that Lord Bhagvan Krishna Prabhu had given garland to his great devotee Bhakta Narsi Mehta in a closed room, but here we saw Mai giving garland to Mai-Markand just before our very eyes.”

The Founder does not give great importance to miracles but there is surely a stage when the miracles do the eye-opening work for many people who are really of an atheistic mentality, but who courteously and not honestly assent to the beliefs about the existence of the other world, or life after death, or invisible spirits, deities and God. Their assent is only mostly out of fear of being thrown out from society of God-believers and for so many other reasons. Saints do not count upon miracles to enlarge their influence, but these are casual happenings managed by the Deities themselves to enhance the value of their devotees so that, they be heard with love, faith and sanctity, respect and obedience. The Founder very humorously says, “How do miracles help you and me, if you do not make a point of being of the deserving plane in the matter of your devotion, love, service and surrender? I would show you actual Mai Herself, but you are the same person that you were before the Vision. You would be telling Mother, “We, I and my wife, are going to cinema. Please rock the cradle of this child and keep meals ready, when we return.” ” Where is the joyfulness, the ecstasy, the madness, the feeling of having been blessed? Where is even the readiness to lose only an atom of your selfishness and worldliness? You would be simply exploiting Mother, and that too most discontentedly and ungratefully. ” Mother do this and Mother do that”, yourself doing nothing for Mother except babbling some few words of praise, a little trouble of twisting your tongue to cheat the world, yourself and the Guru hypocritically. Mother is afraid of you all. The height of ungratefulness is that you do not even talk about your gratitude or even of the experience to your husband, wife, children, friends or neighbors; not even to a sparrow, nor permit even walls to hear you. You bury the experience and gratitude, both, then and there. She prefers being neglected and ignored rather than be exploited and expedited and expelled after your need is served.”