Catch God and Guru, never to leave

The Founder was re-employed in Hubli in continuation of his service in Bombay from 1942. People came forth from Bombay [Mumbai] to have Darshan and blessings. The Founder had some new types of experiences  here which he wishes to be recorded.

The Founder is of opinion that every saintly or spiritual aspirant  should record his experiences with the preciseness of all laboratorial experiments results. There must be standing public institutes for the said work. In India, no saint ever leaves after him  a guidance for the younger generation in the shape of his own personal experiences. The disciples or devotees of the said saint are always anxious to show to the world that the saint was perfect from the day he was born. He was never even a quarter step out of the straight path or away from the consciousness  of perfection  or needing any illumination. People want their saints to be only a perfect image, perfect from the day they came to existence.  They are not interested in the life of a saint as a man in the making , whereas in reality it is the deep study of those details alone which can help the future generation in the line towards a solid progress.

Mere worshipping our saints, Gurus and great men without trying to follow in their foot steps won’t help us. No Guru will give us the nectar unless   we love and serve him, unless we are devoted to him and unless we try our best to be what he is with unconditional and cheerful self-surrender. It is not that the  saints are less merciful, but there are limitations beyond which the eternal Divine Law  does not permit the result to accrue. One unit can be multiply  to be 100 units, but zero remains a zero however great the multiplier may be.

To return to the experiences , the Founder was given a bungalow as a guest to temporarily reside. On the first day in Hubli a big gathering was held there and rich Prasad and sweets were distributed . Just then, a bitch got in and she was driven out without  giving a bit and with a stick. At 2 a.m. after departure of all, Founder prayed to Mother, for the success of the first gathering in Hubli. He had not taken his meals. He had the joy of success but an overwhelming sorrow at the idea of the bitch  being beaten out without a bit of bread. He was disgusted with man’s non-consideration for other men, what to speak of animals. In a great disgust he  decided not take his meals and laid himself down on his cot. At half past two the very same bitch which was turned out with beating came out  from below the cot, began to lick the Founder and pulled his garments towards the kitchen ! The Founder was happy like anything. He went to the Puja room , worshiped the bitch and began to eat with the bitch, his own meals , partaking with bitch half to half. He caressed the bitch,” Are you now satisfied ? ” ” Mother !  Hast Thou sent a bitch to see that I do not sleep hungry ? ” He wept with his face against the bed  out of gratitude. When he opened his eyes after composure, he was surprised to see that the bitch was no where there in the whole bungalow of which all the doors had been locked before going to bed.

The Founder had once been in a condition for twelve days. This is the actual description : Any thought ( people have experience , how many thoughts they have  in a second ), any one of them which did not mean  a feeling of love, service, devotion or surrender to Mother, as soon as it rose in the brain , gave him a fire burning which gave an unbearable shooting pain and was nothing sort of a physical burning. The only difference was , unlike physical burning, here it was  an unbearable burning  which disappeared as soon as the thought subsided. Suppose you are traveling in a second class through an extremely hot country. You have closed all windows and have kept ice around you. Immediately something goes wrong and all the windows fall open . A burning blast of extremely hot air attacks you from all sides. You immediately run and close all windows and the burningness  disappears.

To start with, he would have hot-fire-blasts at any other thought. Here I am afraid the reader can’t imagine. Any thought means absolutely any. Even such a thought as ” My name is so and so ‘”. Any means any, absolutely. People can not imagine  certain  states of blankness without having the actual experience . Their nothing is much above the real nothing and they suspect exaggeration. It is interesting to have an idea of Founder’s  habitual ordinary blankness. He would have often to ascertain whether he took meals or not , by seeing if there  are any used dishes or whether the food kept for him  has remained in the vessel or not. He could not recognize his own daily used things  and would show the poorest memory about his possessions . Even after sixty, he can’t distinguish between similar fruits daily used in his home or the most common grains or cereals.  He believes that one of the secret of his devotional success is his strictest observance  of ‘ No vacancy ‘ for admission in his brains  to anything except  those that are indispensable. With this knowledge the reader will be able to conceive what the Founder’s ‘ nothing ‘ in the blankness referred to in the said experience can mean.

But later it came to a climax when even a thought like ‘ Mother is Merciful ‘ gave a burning blast. Even the idea of  ‘ Mercifulness ‘ was inadmissible. Beyond ‘ Mother ‘ absolutely nothing was permitted. ‘ Mother’ alone , not even the predict and the verb. A thought even like this , ” Mother Thou art alone true, the rest is all unreal ”  was not admissible.

It was a period when he had alternate seconds of hot blasts and normal rests. Just as a victim even when there is over powering force  would assert himself before losing his life , he would not mind the painfulness of the hot blasts and say ‘ ” Mother, not even Thy mercifulness ? Not even Thy greatness ? Not even Thy oneness ? Not even my saying ‘ I do not exist outside Thee ? ‘ ” He would dash his head against the pedestal  where Mother was installed and weep with  the frightful notion of incoming insanity. He knew this was a process of reforming every atom of his brain and mind. But who can guaranty a happy end ? He had previous experiences of the type  and he had passed through them with Mother’s highest Grace , but who can say what will be the end  ? The mutilation of the mind itself ?

The stage automatically  disappeared after twelve days , by Mother’s Grace , not gradually but all at once , just as he were pulled out by a crane from deep drowning waters to the shore.

How foolish it is to ask a devotee, how often he had dealing with his deity and worshipped. There is no end of it. What the world knows of  true devotee is only a sample and a drop.

One more experience which the Founder repeats with pleasure is this. Opposite to his bungalow  was the bungalow of a well-known songstress. Once at 2 a.m. he was in meditation in a room with none except V.L. B. ( Bro. V.L.Baddi) , his constant companion in Hubli. The Founder began to hear most pleasing celestial music. Said he to his companion ,” Is the songstress singing so wonderfully at 2 a.m. ?” The companion said ,” No. No. I don’t hear anything. ” The Founder said,” What not ? Just sit on this wooden seat and hear. ” The companion sat on the wooden seat . He was surprised,” Yes. Yes. What a wonder is this. ” So very beautiful music. She has never sung like this. ” To be more sure  the Founder asked his companion what was the tune. He said, ” It is Lalit Pancham.” Founder danced with  joy. Both ran outside to see  if the songstress was in her spirits singing her best. What is there ? Pitch dark. No door or window open , none awake, all asleep.

The Founder and companion returned .  Founder said,” Let me see if I still hear. He sat on the seat. The music was going on. He got up and asked the companion to sit. The latter spoke with joy. ,” The very same Lalit Pancham but now its further higher note. “.  Founder again ran, though this time the companion did not accompany . It was all dark in the songstress place. After some devotional talks they  both slept. The light was extinguished. A few minutes after, they heard a burst of laughter. That was second wonder during the night.

The Founder wrote  details of both experiences viz., twelve days ‘ confinement and celestial music , to his friend in these mystic experiences and was happiest when he had a reply : ” Mother is fondlingly playing with you.   The second experience is only making amends for the first.  You were burnt with scorches  for twelve days as that was considered necessary by Mother. She has given you the sweetest music  one can ever hear  as the divine medicine to restore your mental normality. Nothing is impossible for Mother. She laughs with a burst, on seeing that still, even after so many experiences  you do not credit Her  with powers  which you yourself have described  in your books.”

These two experiences kindled  a desire in the Founder’s heart to arrange  for a personal contact with Mother in the fullest solitude. He wanted a place where none , not even a sparrow would be between him and Mother whether he was in communion with Mother . None  should be able to see or know  what he is doing , whether he is beating his forehead  or slapping himself or weeping or rolling on the ground  or dancing or playing or most endearingly talking before and with Mother.



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Non practising advocate ( Bar Council of Maharashtra ). Servant of God as Universal Divine Mother Mai & Saint Shri Mai Swarup Mai Markand ; follower of Universal Religion of Mai-ism, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai 400054, India.

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