1. Oh Mother, I am entirely ignorant of Thy Mantras or Yantras neither  do I possess any treasure of meritorious actions nor any bearing power against misery;nor are my devotional and spiritual knowledge so great as to enable me  to absorb myself in meditation of Thee; nor can I even most elementarily please Thee by singing Thy hymns or repeating Thy prayers. I have similarly no capacity to sit in Yoga postures or at least cry or weep in Thy name or shed piteous divine love tears. Although thus in every way I am a big cipher, yet on my merely remembering , Thou hast been running to me and removing all my distresses, in a moment.

2. I, who am unconnected with God and Guru, I, who an exceedingly great miser in money and charity, I who have been unable to throw off all kinds of indolence, I who have been possessed by  youthful reckless swollen-head-ness; such one. I have never served Thy Lotus Feet, Yet I do beg Thy  apologies. Oh, Mother Creator of the whole universe, I proclaim my humblest wishes of VICTORY TO THEE, and that is because I am overpowered with the eternal truth and conviction, that “There have been innumerable wicked sons who have been led astray and have forgotten Thee, but none has ever heard of a single bad merciless Mother”.

3. I See in this world, many of Thy sons being straight-forward and virtuous, but in their midst, I am only Thy wicked son. with no stamina to exert and perform meritorious actions yet with all these defects of mine , I am confident that my welfare proceeds from Thy Lotus Feet, since I have the full faith and conviction viz., that ” many wicked sons have lost their paths, but I have never heard of a single wicked merciless Mother”.

4. Oh Mother ! I have known you to be the Mother of innumerable Universes, yet I have not rendered service to any brother or sister ( among Thy children ) or made any sacrifice of a public, social or Universal nature, neither have I given any help to anyone , nor  have I seen a single dawn for prayer hour. Indeed however Thou hast been holding Thy mercy and pity for me which is immeasurable , unparalleled and second to none. ” I have known of many wicked sons that have lost their path, but have never heard of a single wicked merciless Mother that has come into being “.

5. Oh Mother, Other Gods and Deities having given me up and having been  given up by me as well, I have cherished affection for Thy Lotus Feet, after facing many worries and miseries. Fifty years I have thus gone through and subsequent years  are to be yet more to anxiety and restlessness. Now atleast, Oh Mother ! if I do not see Thy-Lotus Eye-Nectar sprays, where am I to go ? with entirely none to save , support or protect or patronize, help or back me up ? To whom else can I go ? or in whom seek shelter or approach or refuse ? There is none of others (Gods or Goddesses, Deities or Angels) who can be at all, to any the smallest extent, comparable with Thee, nor sought with Thy Mercy and Pity, for myself to surrender.

6. Oh dear Mother ! You have fulfilled all hopes and desires of so many legitimate or illegitimate, deserved or undeserved and you have given the fruit of service  to Thy devotees in the form of immense wealth and successes and victories. So many, even those who were and are miserly and indolent, have also got all, simply because they nominally said to Thee “We have become Thine “. Oh Mother ! how miraculous is the mere hearing of the word “jay Mai” ? and what a wonderful result is achieved when spoken, even through  unconsciously ? If then, on the other hand , Thy name is repeated with true love and devotion ( intensity and sincerity ), what would be the exalted mortal unimaginable elevated and blessed situation of Thy devotees’ ASCENSION ?

7. Oh my dearest Mother ! I am full of desires and anxiousness for the finalmost liberation, and have innumerable desires of royal enjoyments  and also hopes quite exceeding all normal standards. I have also innumerable strange and unfulfillable eccentric desires, including that of divine knowledge as well. New and new, more and more happiness desires (of mine) are also going on fast increasing and multiplying AD INFINITUM. Ever therefore, I am begging for Thy refuge and shelter, on my having surrendered myself to Thee, placing my heart in Thy Lotus feet.

Please fill me up ( my emptiness ) with service devotion. love and self-surrender to Thee and take me away to Thy Mai Mansion, where Thou hast been eternally residing.

8. Oh Mother MAI-MARKANDMAI Dear ! whenever I am drowned in any adversity, I make up from now my most resolute determination viz. that I will not fail there and then to concentratedly remembering Thee and run unto Thee. Oh most merciful Mother Mai-Markand Mai ! don’t fail to run down to me, to my succour, to help me out and save me and to overflow Thy heart then, with the greatest pity on me , Oh Mai-Markand Mai ! Is not the most common every home experienced truth, that all children begin to shout piercingly to invoke their Mother, only when hungry and unhappy or while in pain distress or calamity ?

9. Oh my dearest Mother mine !  Mother ! Thou art most merciful. The only hope of being saved, with all expectations from all Thy devotees , during calamities get centred in Thee alone as their Saviour. Oh Mother! Oh dear Mai Markand Mai Mother ! both united as one (God and Guru) ! don’t fail to run and save all Thy devotees and destroy their all miseries and calamities and distresses whenever invoked.

10. We all prostrastingly pray to Thee and demand this universal never-failing boon from Thee, viz, that Thou shalt make and keep all happy, that all triple varieties of human burnings and sufferings of all, Thou shalt remove. Thou shalt also bless the world , that all shall attain all types of welfare successes and victories and finally, that Universal Peace and Bliss and full contentment shall be spread everywhere in the whole universe.








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Non practising advocate ( Bar Council of Maharashtra ). Servant of God as Universal Divine Mother Mai & Saint Shri Mai Swarup Mai Markand ; follower of Universal Religion of Mai-ism, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai 400054, India.

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