You are made to pass

Mai-ism says, Your living should preach your religion and not your scriptures and loud lectures. Preachers must be witnesses and living models and neither lawyers nor professors.

Everyone has seen milk-preparation-sweets. Our purchase from a nice shop has some silver or golden film coverings and some Badam, Pista, Charoli, spicy ingredients on the top. Coverings are the usual routine religious appearance giving observances and those spices are your scriptural learning decorations. Both these are alright in their attractivity but, where is the real worth of sweets? *It is in the nature of the milk used, the process of boiling and the efficient carrying out of so many other watchful and skillful laboratory treatments, not known to or seen by the apparent customer’s eye. The real worth is known at the end. The coverings are mostly for attraction and are first removed, but thereafter even all the decorations are spitted out if the substance of the sweets itself is of the rotten nature.

Mai-ism is extremely practical. Its long and perhaps even tedious instruction should not cause any disappointment. Once Mother’s Mercy and Guru’s Grace are secured and retained, Mai-ism tells you, most assuredly, you are sure to pass. Your three fourth of the work is done. You have simply to fill up your terms to pass. You are made to pass. Only thing is, how many years you are required to be under the coaching is a matter of your capacities and exertions and studiousness. You can’t be allowed to leave the study as an imperfect man. Mother, Herself will not leave you, till you have reached the perfection.

657. It must have been quite clear from the reference in the previous pages to the “Process of evolution for Mother’s Followers on attainment of Guru’s Grace and Mother’s Mercy,” that there are series of stages to go through. It looks at the first sight, as if there is something like an imperfection with Mai-ism, as there is no emphasis laid on celibacy, self-control, virtue, self-realization, etc. There is nothing like a direct recognition and the mention of the importance of virtue, austerity-attainment, mental tranquillity, meditation and so many other things, which appear indispensable for a religious life or a substantial evolutionary progress.

The answer is this. It is not that these things are not to be passed through or that there is any exemption for a Mai-ist. But, Mai-ism wants Mai-ists to pass through these practices for attainments, under the fullest protection and in safest hands and guidance of God and Guru, so that, the journey may be surest, smoothest, shortest, surest and speediest. Mai-ism asks Mai-ists to leave it to Mother, through what circumstances or ordeals to take them, and what valuable experiences to enrich them with. Mai-ism says,” First enlist yourself as Her devotee and then leave everything to Her.”

~ MAI-ISM Notes 655 and 656

Author : Mai Swarup Mai Markand


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Non practising advocate ( Bar Council of Maharashtra ). Servant of God as Universal Divine Mother Mai & Saint Shri Mai Swarup Mai Markand ; follower of Universal Religion of Mai-ism, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai 400054, India.