Mai-ism scripture is simple.

Mai-ism scripture is simple.It consists of Six words only; Mother,Love to Mother and Her Children, Universality, Service, Devotion and Self Surrender. The first word “Mother” indirectly and implicitly includes the principle or the word of spiritual co-equal status of man and woman.

Of course practice will take time but at least the scripture is over. In practical life the spirit of spiritual co-equal status of man and woman in addition to the four concepts of love, service, devotion and self surrender are also to be rigidly observed.In every thought, action and desire , keep these six words before you. If the practice is observed with full austerity; your life is crowned with success by Mai’s Grace resulting from your devotion to Her. Relief from misery, happiness and finally salvation are easily attained. Even if there is no conviction about God, Maiism has broadest vision and the words of devotion and surrender should be applied to one’s master husband, employer, guardian. parents, patrons etc.

Just practice for a year and you will find you are transformed. Practice it at least one day (Mai days being Friday, Saturday, Tuesday and Sunday in order of importance ), or one day in a month say the full moon day, or once in a year, say your birthday or once in your life on your deathbed and mark the miraculous change.

As detailed in Mother and Mother’s Thousand Names (“Mai Sahsranama”) , Mother’s day is day of practice. Do not be wrathful on this day.Do not utter lies. Do not cheat. Do not assure or abuse superiority. Do not exploit helplessness, ignorance or misunderstanding. Do not refuse possible service to the needy. Do not indulge in pleasure. Do not behave haughtily. Do not seek luxury. Do not pervert truth. Do not misconstrue, misinterpret or take an uncharitable view.Do not think or believe or harbour bad thoughts. Do nothing bad. Do not crush the poor and weak.

None needs being taught what should be done and what not. Be religious and truely religious on that day at least. Do fast to the extent your vitality permits. Keep silence as long as possible. What goes out of your mouth is often more dangerous than what goes inside through the mouth. All other days are again yours to lead a free life as your agitated mind chooses. Do what little you can. However little a good thing done is much higher than however great the work but only intended or merely desired to be done but actually not done at all.For a Mai-ist a little is better than nothing and it is a matter of satisfaction for himself and encouragement to and example for others. Do not trust the next occasion or moment for beginning any good and meritorious work. Done is done in spite of any imperfection and incompletion. Not done is not done in spite of hundreds of justifications for not doing. Any good work once begun, increases in its goodness as time passes.
Temples are there, scriptures are there, worships by hundreds are there, pundits are there. What is not there is the altruistic, benevolent, devotional spirit, the understanding, the outlook, the sincerity, the faith, the service,the sacrifice and selflessness or in one word, the perseverance and practice of living a self controlled righteous, and goodness-dedicated life. The said improvement of the mentality itself takes place and progresses with religious and spiritual purest thinking, virtuous living, moral environments, varied experiences, etc., although say with a snail or an ant’s speed. The miraculous unbelievable transformation however, with an aeroplane speed has however only one source and remedy and that is only the most sincere surrender to God and Guru which as well governs the said avenues of improvement.

EDITION : 1966

The quintessence of the Universal Religion of Mai-ism

For the elucidation of those who desire to know more about Mai, Maiji, Mai-ist and Mai-ism, it is added and repeated here that Mai is the Universal Mother, the Motherhood conception of God Almighty, easily propitiable by a living a life of Love, Service,Devotion and Unconditional Cheerful Self Surrender, and by the recognition of the coequal status of man and woman.
Any idol,image,symbol or emblem, picture or the sacrificial altar or any object, installed anywhere, either in a Church or a Temple or a Mosque or Synagogue, and worshipped by any people in any manner and any mode they decide, with any gospel or scriptures they prefer, but based on the conception that it represents Universal God, whether Mother or even Father or Jointly as Mother & Father etc., easily propitiable on living the life on the lines of above stated tenets , by itself, is Mai or the Universal Mother.
Similarly any preceptor preaching or teaching or propagating or inculcating the doctrine of Universal religion with Mai, the Universal Mother as its pivot and rallying focus and wedded to the said tenets, is Maiji of that particular group or area or generation or even age.
The followers of the Universal Religion of Mai-ism, with Universal Mother or Mai as the Universal God, easily propitiable on living out the oft repeated principles, whether they form individuals or groups or associates or multitudes or adherents or co-workers or devotees, are all Mai-ists. Mai-ists that have taken their oath of allegiance are U.R.M.s of general or life-long oath.
The doctrine of Universal Religion entwined round Mai the Universal Mother, with its said indispensable cardinal principles of love, service, devotion and unconditional self-surrender and recognition of the spiritual co-equal status of man and woman, is Mai-ism.
These universal conceptions and interpretations represent the quintessence of the Universal Religion of Mai-ism and it is this , that has been meant to be conveyed whenever the terms MAI, MAIJI,MAI-ISTS and MAI-ISM are used, under the universal religion of Mai-ism.
Well, then, let us come to practical measures . Maiji personally believes, that there is no sense in confining ourselves to the conception of any Universal religion, unless it is entwined round Universal God, as has been amply proved from all experiments after 1893 when the first Parliament of All Religions was convened in Chicago, which has practically shown no results except mere noisy and barren activities of having built mere castles in the air.It is high time , that if individual religions want to survive the onslaught of materialistic world, they must all unite and offer the consolidated resistance.
Universal Mai-ism lays down only six principles : (1) Universality; (2) Love; (3) Service; (4) Devotion; (5) Self-Surrender; and (6) Spiritual co-equal status of man and woman.
By Mai’s grace, a large consolidation of Universal Religionists has already been established. In the immediate future , it is very possible that groups of universal religionists, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jain, Zoroastrian Mai-ists may be formed. Such groups have their full independence and autonomous powers in all matters and details , except being out of rhyme with the above mentioned six principles. All such institutes can be as federations to the parental conception and institute of Universal Mai-ism. Any such universalized group may have its own temple, god, gospel, worshipping modes, rules and regulations , places ( temples and monasteries ) and PROPERTIES, in respect of which none others can have any right of dabbling. The smallest size booklet of Mother’s Message will convince anyone of the Mai-istic truth on page 8.” A Universal Religion cannot be permitted being made a cause for disunion, domination, prejudice , exploitation or superstition ……”




Founder and President,”MOTHER’S LODGE”, Mai Niwas, Saraswati road end, Santa Cruz (west) Mumbai 400054 INDIA


MAI-ISM has its origin in the Motherhood conception of God Almighty. Mother is the very same God whom the world has worshipped till now; mainly as Father. Mother is sexless, and therefore, beyond He, She or It and is therefore, the very same as Father. “MAI” is the Hindi word for “Mother”, “Mai-ism ” offers to the world , in this trying times, when the world needs highest mercy of the Almighty, the conception of Universal Mother, to be worshipped by one and all, who are universal minded, religious, God fearing and God loving.

Mai-ism the psychological religion for one and all of any religion or no religion without caste, creed or colour. With full reverence to and while following one’s own religion , one can be a Mai-ist. Mai-ism is one’s own personal religion to be adopted after the age of discretion and not merely one’s ancestral religion of one’s birth.

Mai (Mother) is not Maya or Illusion-Creator, nor Shakti or Power requiring separate Controller, not Father’s Wife, not the Fifth Hindu Deity, not Mother Kali, not Mother Mary, not God’s handmaid, not Demon’s slayer, not Mother that is pleased with animal or human sacrifices, not Mother of thieves and dacoits, not Mother of rebels revolutionaries, not Mother of Black-Magicians, Ughra-Sadhaks, Ghat-Kunchuki Dev-dasis or Vamachars.

Mother is essentially the Ocean of Infinite Love and Mercy, Mother is human mother vested with Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence and raised to Infinity and Godhood. Mai is to Mai-ist what a human mother is to her child.

Under mai-ism, there is no place , by its very postulates, for the condemnation of Harijans as ‘untouchables, Woman’s subjugation by Man or condemnation by routine religion as “Narakasya Dwaram”(Hell’s Gate) has no room, as every Mai-ist is expected to look upon every woman (except his own wife) as representative form of Mother and as under Mai-ism the co-operation of man and woman in the Mother’s worship is the highest spiritualising force. The spirit underlying the words “Heathen”, “Kafir”, “Mlechcha”, “Durvan”, etc., has no existence under Mai-ism.

If the Universe is to be made hatredless happy home and if love , mercy and other qualities of heart, (the bankruptcy of which has been so keenly felt in the present world) are to reappear, Motherhood of god is the most favorable aspect and conception.

A universal evil needs a universal remedy, and the Grace of universally acknowledged common Parent of one and all. The Merciful-Mother parent. The Universal Mother.

A universal prayer offered to universally-conceived, universally-acknowledged universal Almighty, has its own undreamt-of miraculous efficiency, with followers of individual delimited vision can never imagine.

A universal call alone can have a universal response.

The six tenets of Mai-ism are :

1) God is more merciful when approached as Mother;

2) Mother is mother of all, without caste, creed or colour;

3) Mother smiles, on one’s trying to love All, to one’s best;

4) Mother saves, on one’s trying to serve All, with one’s best;

5) Mother showers (Her Grace) on one’s devotion to Her;

6) Mother serves, on one’s living the life of universal love and service, with devotion to Her and unconditional, cheerful self surrender to Mother’s Divine Will.

One who does not believe in god , but who does believe in the common tie of humanity and practises service and extends Love to all is a Mai-ist, because he is the follower of Mai in one of Her aspects as One Universal Soul, One Universal Consciousness or One Universal Cosmos, like unto the continuous string through rosary beads subjecting everyone of the Universe to the slightest influence anywhere in the whole.

A Mai-ist’s devotional ideal is :

“Practice feeling that you are a child A child whom a mother  could not but accept, however wicked . You automatically get confidence you regain your innocence , purity and sincerity and you raise yourself above world-wormness, sexuality and selfishness. You are off your care. Time is eternity for you and therefor the burden of life is lightened. Be mother’s child and Her lap shall be thrilling and throbbing to have you on itself.”


A devotee is supremely dear to Sri Rama

A devotee is supremely dear to Sri Rama; He is gratified through service rendered to His devotees and bears great enmity to those who are hostile to them. Even though the Lord is alike to all without either love or anger and receives neither sin or virtue, neither merit nor demerit and EVEN THOUGH HE HAS MADE FATE THE RULING FACTOR IN THIS WORLD, SO THAT ONE REAPS WHAT ONE SOWS, yet according as one possesses the heart of devotee or an unbeliever He appears to be impartial or hostile in His dealings. Though devoid of attributes, unattached, free from pride and ever unchanged, Sri Ram has assumed a form with attributes yielding to the love of His devotees. Sri Rama has ever respected the wishes of his devotees: the Vedas and Puranas as well as saints and gods can bear testimony for this.

Extract from    – SHRI RAMCHARITMANAS – श्रीरामचरितमानस – SAINT SHRI TULSIDAS संत श्री तुलसीदास


Prayer of Universal Divine Mother Mai

Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai
Divine Mother Mai

Spurn me not MOTHER DEAR,
From THY blessed LOTUS FEET.
Where else can I find a sympathetic ear ?
Where else safe retreat ?

Whom show the bleeding wounds,
Of my lacerated heart ?
How forget my bitter woes ?
To whom open my pent up mind ?

What to eat and where to sleep ?
Or where in silence weep ?
Where find a seat, much less rest ?
Why live at all with a fallen crest ?

No, I will not leave Thee Mother Dear,
Who dares to touch me or come so near.
Knowing me well as THINE own son ?
Futile will be Thy artful command,
Do THY worst but here let me die,
At Thy feet, saying “Mother” JAY MAI.

Defeat I own, my naughty son,
Wayward Thou art, but Thou hast won.
My lap throbs for thee, ever dear !
Come up, come up have no fear.

Merciful MOTHER, I knew not THY lap’s bliss,
As into this world I went forth’
There get ample worldly wisdom,
Lost sweet innocence, Thy kingdom;
And my place on Thy lap as a wicked son,
Oh ! accept me as I am, Blessed one


Oh most merciful Mother of the whole Universe and Universes that will follow.
Oh Mother Mai of all created beings, from lowest to the highest.
Oh, Mother of all the worlds of land, air and water and all forms therein
Oh Mother of Humanity without any differences of caste, creed and colour.
Oh Mother of all Religions and Nations, of rich and poor, strong and weak, virtuous and sinful.
Oh Thou universal Mother, give to Thy children the Grace of living a life of love and service to all living beings , through an understanding of Oneness of life and the selfless devotion and unconditional self-surrender to thy Divine Will.
Grant that, in this time of world tribulation, Thy children may learn to live nobly, so that Virtue and Harmony may prevail.
That by being true to the Highest, they may be free from all dangers, diseases and calamities and thereby attain the Sublime Heights of the realisation of the Divinity within themselves.







The entire absence of joy or the continuous feeling of being miserable , for them they do not Thee or the imitative or delusive joy arising from the worldwormness and sense living of them that are in dark regarding Thee respectively. These two as also the joy of truely wise and followers of truth, all proceed from Thee and are making of Thine  and are aspects of Thine alone. 


                                                             DAILY PRAYER

If Love is Mother and Mother is Love, I am Mother’s and Mother is mine. Mother ! Bless the readers, Bless Thy followers. Bless Thy surrender seeking. Be Thou pleased with any one that repeats Thy sacred name. On Thyself being propitiated and pleased, let the little universe of every devotee of Thine be most pleased, satisfied, comfortable and happy.
Let it be Thy Grace, that the rulers lead the ruled into the righteous path.

Let good befall to the lot of all. Let the universe be happy with rains, crops, contentment and prosperity.
Make Thy devotees live in peace and bliss without fear. Make all beings to relish pleasure in attending to their duties, and on attaining their spiritual welfare.
Make the wicked virtuous, make the virtuous successful in attaining their peace of mind. Make tranquillised souls free from bondages. Inspire and help the freed, to be taking up as their life mission, the work of helping, loving and serving others , to free themselves through Thy Mercy and Guru’s Grace.
May all be freed from dangers. May all understand and attain good. May all be living nobly. May all be rejoicing in the universal spiritual good of all.
Mother! Make all happy, free from all worries and diseases and all calamities. Make each one and all of us, enabled to enjoy the Best, what is Divine, Sublime and Good.






हेमाभां द्विभुजां वराभयकरां नीलांबरेणवृतां श्यामक्रोडविलासिनीं भगवतीं सिन्दुरपुंजोज्वलाम् ।
लोलाक्षीं नवयौवनां स्मितमुखीं बिंबाधरां राधिकां नित्यानंदमयीं विलासनिलयां दिव्यांगभुषां भजे ।।

अथास्या संप्रवक्ष्यामि नाम्नाष्टोत्तरं शतम् । यस्य संकीर्तनादेव श्रीकृष्णं वशयेद ध्रुवम्  । 1 ।

राधिका सुंदरी गोपी  कृष्णसंगमकारिणी । चंचलाक्षी कुरंगाक्षी गांधर्वी वृषभानुजा । 2 ।

वीणापाणिः स्मितमुखी रक्तशोकलतालया । गोवर्धनचरी गोपी गोपवेषमनोहरा । 3 ।

चंद्रावलीसपत्नी च दर्पणास्या कलावती । कृपावती सुप्रतिका तरूणी ह्रदयंगमा । 4 ।

कृष्णप्रिया कृष्णसखी विपरीतरतिप्रिया ।  प्रवीणा सुरतप्रिता चंद्रास्या चारूविग्रहा । 5 ।

केकराक्षी हरःकांता महालक्ष्मी सुकेलिनी । संकेतवटसंस्थाना कमनीया च कामिनी । 6 ।

             वृषभानुसुता  राधा किशोरी ललिता लता । विद्युतवल्ली कांचानभा कुमारी मुग्धवेशिनी । 7 ।

केशिनी केशवसखी नवनीतैकविक्रया । षोडशाब्दा कलातपुर्णा जारिणी जारसंगिनी । 8 ।

हर्षिणी वर्षिणी वीरा धीरा धारा धरा धृतिः । यौवनस्था वनस्था च मधुरा मधुराकृतिः । 9 ।

वृषभानुपुरावासा मानलीलाविशारदा । दानलीला दानदात्री दण्डहस्ता भ्रुवोन्नता । 10 ।

सुस्तनी मधुरास्या च बिंबोष्ठी पंचमस्वरा । संगीतकुशला सेव्या कृष्णवश्यत्वकारिणी । 11 ।

तारिणी हारिणी ह्रींला शीला लीला ललामिका । गोपाली दधिविक्रेत्री प्रौढा मुग्धा च मध्यगा । 12 ।

स्वाधीनपतिका चोक्ता ख्णडिता याभिसारिका ।रसिका रसिना रस्या रसशास्त्रैकशेवधिः ।13 ।

पालिका लालिका लज्जा लालसा ललनामणिः । बुरूपा सुरूपा च सुप्रसन्ना महामतिः । 14 ।

इति श्री राधका अष्टोत्तर शतनाम स्तोत्रं समाप्तम् ।

श्री महालक्ष्मीची आरती 

जय देवी जय देवी जय महालक्ष्मी ।
वससी व्यापकरुपे तु स्थुलसुक्ष्मी ।
करवीरपुरवासिनी सुरवर मुनि माता ।
पुरहरवरदायिनी मुरहरप्रियकांता ।
कमलाकारे जठरी जन्मवीला धाता ।
सहस्रवदनी भुधर पुरे न गुणगाथा ।
मातुलिंग गदा खेटक रवि किरणी ।
झळके हाटकवाटी पियुष रसपाणी ।
माणिक रसना सुरंग वसना मृगनयनी ।
शशिरवदना राजस मदनाची जननी ।
ताराशक्ती अगम्य शिवभजका गौरी ।
सांख्य म्हणती प्रकृती निर्गण निर्धारी ।
गायत्री निजबीज निगमागमसारी ।
प्रकटे पद्मावती निजधर्माचारी।
अमृतसरितेभरिते अघदुरिते वारी ।
मारी दुर्घट असुरा भवदुस्तर तारी ।
वारी मायापटल प्रणत परिवारी ।
हे रुप चिद्रुप तद्रुप दावी निर्धारी ।
चतुरासने कृत कर्माच्या ओळी ।
लिहील्या असतील माते माझ्या निजभाळी ।
पुसोनी चरणातळी पदसुमने क्षाळी ।
मुक्तेश्वर नागर क्षीरसागर बाळी ।
जय देवी जय देवी जय महालक्ष्मी ।
वससी व्यापकरुपे तु स्थुलसुक्ष्मी ।

श्री महालक्ष्मीचा पाठ
। श्री गणेशाय नमः। श्री सरस्वत्यै नमः। श्री गुरूभ्यो नमः। जय माई मार्कण्ड माई । श्री कुलदेवतायै नमः।
नमन तुला श्री गजानना । विघ्नहर्ता तु गजवदना । पुर्ण करूनी सर्व कामना । यश दे मला गौरीनंदना । 1 । शरण तुला श्री गणपती । कवनास देवा द्यावी मती । करितो श्रध्देने तव भक्ती । हे थेउरवासी चिंतामणी । 2 । जय जय श्री गौरीतनया । वक्रतुण्ड हे महाकाया । जय तुझा सिध्दीविनायका । पालक तु आमचा चिन्मया । 3 । रक्षी प्रभो मज लंबोदरा । शरण तुला मी विघ्नेश्वरा । प्रणिपात हे बल्लाळेश्वरा । दे यश धन मयुरेश्वरा । 4 । कृपा असावी गिरीजात्मका । गाती स्तवन विघ्नहारका । तारावे या तुझीया सेवका । नमन श्री वरदविनायका । 5। दे अभय, अभय वरदा । लोटांगणे माझी सहस्रदा । तव पावन पदा, भालचन्द्रा । प्रसन्नवदना यश दे सदा । 6 । अष्टभुजेचा पाठ हा रचिला । आशीर्वाद त्रिनेत्रा द्यावा मला । सौख्य द्यावे गणेशा सकला । वाहतो या शब्दमाला तुला । 7 । नमन तुला श्री सरस्वती । विद्यादेवी महा भगवती । सकल कलांची तु स्फुर्ती । वीणाधारी दिव्य वागीश्वरी । 8 । ऐका ऐका श्रोते जन । निर्मळ करा आपले मन । पूर्ण पावलो समाधान । ऐका दृष्टांताचे कवन । 9 । मग दृष्टांताची कथा सुन्दर । सांगतो आता मी सविस्तर । चित्त ठेउनी अति स्थीर । श्रोत्यांनो एेकावी निरंतर । 10 । अंबाबाई तुवा देउनी दृष्टान्त । मज रूप दाविले स्वप्नात । सेविले तुझ्या रूपाचे अमृत । ते वर्णी आता येथ । 11 । आज वर्षे दोन पुरी झाली । कथा ही खरी घडली । अष्टभुजा मज प्रसन्न झाली ।कृष्णा तीरी त्या राउळी । 12 । अश्विन शुध्द अष्टमीला । रात्री दृष्टांत हो हा घडला । सांगतो देवी भक्तांना सकळा । जो पाहिला मी सुखसोहळा । 13 । आपत्ती घोर आल्या मजवर । एकामागुनी एक भयंकर । क्रुर दैवगती करी प्रहार । मी विटलो संसारास अपार । 14 । गेली तीन मुले सुंदर ती । जन्मताच हो गोजिरवाणी । करूनी काळजाचे पाणी पाणी । मम कांतेचे तरूणपणी । 15 । स्मशान कळा आली घरास । जाती मुले येता जन्मास । एक जन्मला पुत्र करूनी नवस । जन्मांधच तो आला जन्मास । 16 । जडला रोग असाध्य कांतेस । पडली खिळून अंथरूणास । उत ये त्यातच दारिद्र्यास । विटलो मी संसारास । 17 । भ्रमिष्ट झाली माझी मती । दुःख्ख भोगी भार्या सती । कुणास सांगावी स्थिती । संसाराची झाली माती । 18 । चिडून जगावर निघालो भटकत । पायी यात्रा एकटा करीत । वेड्यासम चाललो नादात । तगमग मनीची शांतवीत । 19 । लागले कृष्णातीरी एक ग्राम । भवानीनगर त्याचे नाम । सृष्टी सौर्न्दयाचे जणु धाम । वाटला घ्यावा मनी विश्राम । 20 । पवित्र वाहे कृष्णा माउली । मांगल्य मूर्तिमंत त्या जली । भूमी ती सारी पावन झाली । पुण्य जले युगे युगे न्हाली । 21 । तीरी मंदिर विशाल एक । श्री अष्टभुजेचे सुरेख । नक्षी स्तंभास्तंभावर प्रत्येक । कोरिली चित्रे अंबेची कित्येक । 22 । बाग समोर आलेली बहरा । सोनचाफा निशीगंध मोगरा । दरवळे आसमन्त सारा । सुगंधाने भरलेला वारा । 23 । भव्य सभामंडप निवांत ।मंद दीप जळे एक शांत । गूढ भासे तो एकान्त । विसरलो क्षणभर मी खंत । 24 । अंबेचे ते जागृत स्थान । कृष्णा तीरी एक महान । लवते श्रध्देने ही मान । हरपते सार अन भान । 25 । राहिलो रात्री मी मंदिरी । अश्विन शुध्द अष्टमीला कृष्णा तीरी । दुःख्खाने पोळलो होतो अंतरी । श्रध्दने टेकला माथा अंबेच्या पदावरी । 26 । उच्च वेदीवरी अधिष्ठीत । उभी देवी गाभार्यात । ठसले ते रूप ह्रदयात । आले नीर अन् लोचनात । 27 । झळाळे मुकुट दिव्य । हिरवी साडी चोळी रूप भव्य गळ्यात सुवर्णहार असंख्य । पाषाणातुनी उमलले काव्य । 28 । करी कंकणे लखलखती । पायी जोडवी चमचमती । बाहुभूषणे झगझगती । मंगलरूप ते वर्णावे किती । 29 । सकल श्रृंगार देवीला । धूपाने धुंद गाभारा भरला । घमघमती ताज्या फुलामला । दीप मिणमिणता एकला । 30 । हाती गदा खड्ग बलशाली । मळवट भरलेला भाळी । उभी समोर अंबा माउली । परम भक्ताची साउली । 31 । घेतली रानफुले करात । प्रखर भक्ती पेटली ह्रदयात । गेलो समोर आवेगात । घातला साष्टांग प्रणिपात । 32 । धुतली आसवांनी पाउले । असीम श्रध्देने शीर टेकले । भान पुरते हरपुनी गेले । ह्रदयी कल्लोळ प्रेमाचे उसळले । 33 । अंबेचे ते पाहुनी रूप। सरलि नेत्राची उघडझाप । सरले सारे मनीचे व्याप । 34 । विसरलो दुःख्ख विसरलो सुख । विसरलो अमृत विसरलो वीख । केवळ दिसे अंबेचे रूप सुरेख । नाठवे गरदार काही एक । 35 । पुसले कळवळुनी अंबेला । संकटात का टाकले मला । माते काय गुन्हा घडला । दुःख्खाने का जाळतेस मला । 36 । माझ्यावरी का आणल्यास आपत्ती । हिरावूनी नेलीस संतती । आरोग्य शांती अन संपत्ती । 37 । कर मुक्तता माझी यातुनी । ना जाईन तोवरी येथुनी । आता चरण तुझे सोडुनी । माते सांगतो तुला निक्षुनी । 38 । भक्त तुझा पडता संकटी । दुःख्खे तु त्याची निवटी । त्यावरी करोनी कृपादृष्टी । धरितेस आपुल्या पोटी । 39 । असे म्हणुनी अष्टभुजा मातेस । मिठी मारली तिच्या चरणास । शरण अंबिकेचा मी दास । तळमळूनी केला अट्टाहास । 40 । राहिलो तसाच रात्रभरी । माथा टेकुनि त्या पायांवरी । श्रध्देने बेहोष मी अंतरी । भाव ठेविला अष्ट भुजेवरी । 41 । तदा अदभुत गोष्ट घडली । मध्यरात्रीच्या गुढ वेळी । अंतर्धान मूर्ति ती पावली । मूर्तीतुन प्रकटली अंबा माउली । 42 । मी थरथरलो रूप पाहुनी । लोटांगण घातले हात जोडुनी । वाहू लागले नीर लोचनातुनी । देखूनी ती भगवती योगिनी । 43 । हिरवे पातळ भरजरी । हिरवी चोळी त्यावरी । हिरव्या बांगड्या करी । मळवट अन भाळावरी । 44 । गळ्यात हार सुवर्णांचे । चमचमत्या असंख्य रत्नांचे । शरीर भासे तप्त कांचनाचे । देदीप्यमान रूप ते अंबेचे । 45 । हाती खड्ग चक्र गदा कमल । झळझळे रूप ते विमल । प्रभा फाकली सर्वत्र धवल । कोटी चन्द्रांचे उगवले मंडल । 46 । किती प्राशावे रूप ते मनोहर । डोळे हवेत सर्वांगावर । तरी आत्मा ना तृप्त होणार । समोर अंबा पहाता साकार । 47 । निःशब्द पडलो मी खाली । अचानक तो अमृतवाणी झाली । क्षणी तनु माझी रोमांचली । एेकुन अमर ती शब्दावली । 48 । भिउ नकोस माझ्या बाळा । रक्षिते मी तुजसम भक्ताला । श्रध्देने जो शरण आला । आशीर्वाद उठ लडिवाळा । 49 । माझ्या स्वरूपाची महती । वर्णावया तुझ देते शक्ती । श्रध्दा ठेउनी करावी भक्ती । होईल सकल सुखाची प्राप्ती । 50 । सांगते व्रत तुला एकपण । निष्ठेने कर त्याचे आचरण । सुखदायी होईल सारे जीवन । मनीच्या इच्छा सफल संपूर्ण । 51 । गहन रानात , नदी पल्याड । आहे औदुंबराचे एक झाड । सभोवती त्याच्या भव्य पहाड । भयाणता नांदते तेथे गाढ । 52 । त्या औदुंबरा खालती निवान्त । महातपस्वी एक महंत । दत्तात्रेयाचा अवतार मूर्तिमंत । करी तपश्चर्या वर्षे गेली सात । 53 । सेवा महन्ताची तू त्या कर । भयाण अरण्यी राहुनी खडतर । तो प्रसन्न होईल जेव्हा तुजवर । सांगेल माझ्या रूपाचे स्तवन सुंदर । 54 । बोलुनी अदभुत अशी वाणी । अदृश्य झाली जगदंबा झणी । नयनांत आनन्दे आले पाणी ।। प्रसन्न मजवर जगदंबा योगिनी । 55 । काळी गहन रात्र मृत होउन । जन्मली पहाट बाहेर नवीन । पूर्वा माता प्रसूत होउन । जन्मा आले सुर्य नारायण । 56 । क्षितिज वेलीला सुमंगल । आले विशाल सूर्यफूल । लागली पक्ष्यांस चाहुल । झाली सुरू गोड किलबील । 57 । विशाल क्षितीज वेलीवरी सारा । की गहरला उषेचा फुलोरा । उजळला कृष्णेचा किनारा । विरला एक एक तारा । 58 । माझ्या मनी आनन्द कोंदला । सुरूवात झाली नव जीवनाला । लोटांगणे घालुनी देवीला । निघालो महन्ताच्या सेवेला । 59 । प्रवाहात कृष्णेच्या पहाट वेळी । खुशाल उडी मी झोकली । ध्यानी मनी अंबा माउली । तारणारी तीच संकट काळी । 60। पार करूनी क्षणात । आलो मी गहन रानात । अंधार रानी दिवसाही आत । जाती सर्प काळे समोर फुत्कारित ।61 । धडधडे भीतीने अंतःकरण । निघालो करीत अंबेचे स्मरण । तीच करणारी सर्वांचे रक्षण । वंदितो जगदंबे तुझे चरण । 62 । तो दिसले औदुंबराचे झाड समोर । बसलेला त्याखाली महंत धोर । केला भक्तीने त्यास नमस्कार । सांगितला घडलेला प्रकार । 63 । अभय दिले महंताने मला । श्रध्देने लागलो मी सेवेला । कंदमुळे होती खाण्याला । जमीन अन झोपण्याला । 64 । पहाटे आणावे मी पाणी । काढावा आश्रम झाडूनी । सांगीतलेले काम करूनी । वाहिलो महंताच्या सेवेत । 65 । निष्ठा राखुनी राहिलो मी रानी । खंगले शरीर उपवासानी । प्रसन्न झाला महंत एकेदिनी । म्हणाला आशीर्वाद देउनी । 66 । सांगतो अष्टभुजेचे स्तवन । स्वरूपाच्या तिच्या मंगलगान । कर अता त्याचे श्रवण । अति निर्मळ ठेउनी मन । 67 । जो करील देवीचे स्तवन । गाढ श्रध्देने अनुदिन । दुःख्ख जाईल त्याचे निघुन । संकटाचे होईल दहन । 68 । होईल पुत्र त्यास,जो निःसंतान । मिळेल विपुल यश धन । गाजेल त्याची कीर्ती महान । होतील कामना सफल संपूर्ण । 69 । असे म्हणूनी महन्त तो महान । करी सुरू अष्टभुजेचे स्तवन । केले सर्वांगाचे मी कान । श्रवण करण्यास ते कवन । 70 । जय जय अष्टभुजे सबले । जगन्माते महामंगले । तु विश्व सारे निर्मीले । वंदितो तुझी चरण कमले । 71 । जय जय श्री भवानी माते । तुळजापूरच्या महादेवते । अभय दे वर दे शक्ती दाते । शरण शरण आम्ही तुला माते । 72 । जय देवी जय श्री जोगेश्वरी । निवास तुझा गे पुण्यपुरी । सुखशांती दे या संसारी । कर मनीची कामना पुरी । 73 । जय अंबे करवीरवासिनी । विश्वतारिणी पाप हारिणी । सकल कला कामिनी । चण्डमुण्ड विनाशिनी । 74 । जय जय देवी एकवीरे । प्रणाम करितो आदरे । विश्व उभे तुझ्या आधारे । तु निर्मिलेस सुर्यतारे । 75 । जय सप्तश्रृंगी माउली । भक्तांची तु गे साउली । तु जयंती भद्रकाली । माथा ठेवितो तुझ्या चरणाखाली । 76 । जय जय ग्रामवासी पद्मावती । भक्तीने करितो आरती । कर सकल कामना पूर्ति । ह्रदयात वसे तुझीच मूर्ती । 77 । जय जय महषासुर मर्दिनी । यश दे वरदायिनी । देवी पाप विनाशिनी । सकल खल निर्दालिनी । 78 । जय जय चण्डिके भैरवी । तेज झळाळे जणु कोटी रवी । किती वर्णावी तुझी थोरवी । कृपा भक्तावरी असावी । 79 । जय जय देवी दुर्गा । नष्ट कर शत्रुच्या गर्वा । सौख्य दे जगती सर्वा । लखलखते तुझ्यामुळे पुर्वा । 80 । रूप दे जय दे भगवती । कर नष्ट शत्रु जगती । यश दे देवी तु महाशक्ती । नमन तुला महामती । 81 । सुख दे सौभाग्य शांती दे योगिनी । पुत्र दे धन दे वरदायिनी । कीर्ती दे विद्या दे जननी । आरोग्य दे तपस्विनी । 82 । तु शैलपुत्री ब्रह्मचारिणी । तु स्कंदमाता कात्यायिनी । दुर्गा महिषासुरमर्दिनी । शुंभ निशुंभ विनाशिनी । 83 । तु चंद्रघंटा कुष्माण्डा । व्यापिलेस सकल ब्रहृ्मांण्डा । तुझा गावा महिमा केवढा । मी शरण तुला बापुडा । 84 । तु महागौरी सिध्दीदात्री । भव्य भैरवी कालरात्री । तु निर्मीली धरित्री । प्राण ओतीलास या गात्री । 85 । तेजाने तुझ्या गे उज्ज्वल । उमलले हे विश्व कमल । वाहुनी मम मन कमकल । पूजितो तव पद विमल । 86 । तु जयंती भद्रकाली स्वाहा । कपालिनी मंगला क्षमा महा । दीन भक्त शरण तुला हा । रक्षी आम्हा देवते महा । 87 । नमन तुला विश्वस्वामिनी । हे मधुकैटभनाशिनी । अभय दे कल्याण दायिनी । सुखशांती दे वरदायिनी । 88 । तेज तुझे झळाळे देवी । कोटी कोटी जणु रवी । तव इच्छेने चाले पृथ्वी । भद्राकली हे भैरवी । 89 । तु सकल विश्वाची स्वामिनी । जगत निर्माती जननी । संहार करिशी तु प्रलयिनी । महामंगला सर्वव्यापिनी । 90 । तु स्वाहा तु स्वधा अमृतरूपी । तु वषटकार प्रणवातील मात्रा तिन्ही । सकळ स्वरांचे मुळ तत्वरूपी । विश्वाचे आदितत्व तवरूपी । 91 । तु महामाया महाविद्या आई । महाबुध्दी महास्मृती देवी । महा मोहा महेश्वरी महादेवी । अंबे रूपे तुझी नवी नवी । 92 । नमन तुला महाकाली सती । तु महालक्ष्मी सरस्वती । तव भक्तीने संकटे नासती । शरण शरण तुझ्या प्रती । 93 । सेवा तुझी घडो सुरेश्वरी । भक्ताकडुनी जन्मभरी । कर दया तुझिया सेवकावरी । हे महामंगले भुवनेश्वरी । 94 । तु खड्ग शुल कमल धारिणी । शुंभ निशुंभास मारलेस रणी । मुक्त केलीस दैत्यापासुनी धरणी । अभय मिळते तुझ्या चिंतनी । 95 । जगदंबे तु वेदांचा आधार । विष्णुला ना लागला तुझा पार । सकल शास्त्रांचे तु सार । कर भव सागारतुनी नौका पार । 96 । गाती सकल देव तव कीर्ती । दैवी तेजाने घडविली तुझी मूर्ती । सकल विश्वाची तु स्फूर्ती । कर भक्ताची कामना पूर्ती । 97 । लक्ष्मी तु वससी विष्णु ह्रदयी । गौरी तु शंकराची महायोगी । कांती तुझी दिव्य कांचनमयी । कर सर्व कार्यास यशदायी । 98 । रूप दे जय दे योगेश्वरी । सुख सौभाग्य शांती दे जोगेश्वरी । आरोग्य धन दे परमेश्वरी । पुत्रपौत्र दे भुवनेश्वरी । 99 । तु सुंदर सत्य सनातन । तव चैतन्याने भरले जीवन । भक्तीने दाटले मम मन । नमन नमन वाहतो सुमन। 100 ।अंबे तु सुख सौभाग्यदायिनी । तु सकल कला कामिनी । योगिनी महाविलासिनी । नमन नमन तुला जननी । 101 । असे आहे अष्टभुजेचे हे स्तवन । कर श्रध्देने याचे तु पठण । मुक्त होशील सर्व दुःख्खातुन । म्हणे तो महंत महान । 102 । घेउनी आशिर्वाद तदा महन्ताचा । परतलो स्वगृही तसाच रात्रीचा । वरदहस्त मजवर जगदंबेचा । आनन्द वर्णू किती ह्रदयीचा । 103 । पाठ केला श्रध्देने शुक्रवारी । दिवसा राहिलो निराहारी । उपवास संध्याकाळी सोडला तदनंतरी । भाव ठेविला अंबेवरी । 104 । आचरिले व्रत असे स्तवनाचे । तो गेले असाध्य दुखणे कांतेचे । आश्चर्य अंधत्व सरले पुत्राचे । चमत्कार सारे हे जगदंबेचे । 105 । बोल सांगतो हे प्रचितीचे । स्तवन करा अष्टभुजेचे । वितळतील पर्वत संकटांचे । आटतील सागर दुःख्खांचे । 106 । अगाध मायेची हो करणी । सामर्थ्य आहे स्तवनी । वेल बहरेल अहो पाषाणी । प्रसन्न होता दुर्गा भवानी । 107 । जय जगदंबे माझे आई । कृपा करी हो अंबाबाई । चित्त लागु दे तुझे पायी । मी स्तवन तुझे गाई । 108 । श्रध्दा ठेउनी अंतरी । पठण जो पाठाचे करी । स्वप्नी येउनी जोगेश्वरी । करील कामना सफल पुरी । 109 । होईल पुत्र ज्यास नसे संतान । जगतील मुले जी जाती जन्मून । बरे होतील रोग कठीण । असाध्य जे महा भयाण । 110 । जो करील पाठ हा श्रवण । दारिद्य्र त्याचे जाउन दारूण । मिळेल त्यास अपार धन । होईल जगी त्याचा मान । 111 । यश मिळेल अपूर्व विद्येत । आनन्द नांदेल सदा घरात । बुध्दी वाढेल सकल ज्ञानात । श्रध्दा ज्याची अंतरात । 112 । सुख सौभाग्य शांती लाभेल सदा । दूर पळतील आपदा । मिळेल अचानक अशा धन संपदा । जगदंबा आहे अभय वरदा । 113 । या पाठाचे जो करील पुजन । आणीक करील श्रवण पठण । त्यास गावेल सुखाची खाण । अंबेचे ठेवावे सदा स्मरण । 114 । करोनी जगदंबेस नमस्कार । श्रध्देने करावा शुक्रवार । पाठ म्हणावा तदनंतर । अति शुध्द ठेउनी अंतर । 115 । भावे भजा अंबा चरण । आणि करा पाठ श्रवण । नउ मास भरता पुर्ण । अंबा स्वप्नी तोईल अवतीर्ण । 116 । भुकेल्यास द्यावे अन्न । तेणे होय जगदंबा प्रसन्न । आत्म्याला होईल समाधान । मिळेल विपुल यश धन । 117 । जैसी जैसी कराल भक्ती । तैसी वाढेल यशकीर्ती । फल पडेल पदरी निश्चीती । संशय आणू नये चित्ती । 118 । नमन तुला जगदंबा आई । ह्रदयात तु सदा वसावी ।तव कीर्ती मी गावी । कृपा माते माझ्यावरी असावी । 119 । जगदंबेची कृपा होता । स्वर्ग लाभे आपुले हाता । इतरांची मग काय कथा । लववितो अंबे चरणी माथा । 120 । कथिला हा माझा अनुभव । भक्तास संकटी तारितो देव । गाढ असु द्यावा भाव । मुखी अन जगदंबेचे नाव । 121 ।
। भगवती ॐ श्री अष्टभुजा जगदम्बा माउली चरणार्पणमस्तु ।
1968 साली छापलेल्या एका पोथी मध्ये हा अष्टभुजा महालक्ष्मीचा पाठ मला मिळाला व त्याची मला तत्काल प्रचिती मिळाली म्हणुन देवी भक्तांसाठी तो पाठ मी येथे दिला आहे. त्याची साधना करून लाभ घ्यावा ही देवीभक्तांकडुन अपेक्षा !! खाली कॉमेंट बॉक्समध्ये आपले विचार जरूर कळवावेत हि विनंती !!! धन्यवाद .